A Good Used Recumbent Trike or A New One?


Some new riders will struggle with whether to buy a used entry-level recumbent trike for practice first or a brand new one that fits their needs.

I recommend riding new ones, finding out which brands feel comfortable to you, and then looking specifically for used verions of that model. Resale value on used trikes is pretty high though, so you won’t save a lot.

Many used trikes have custom additional accessory features…lights, racks, neck support, fenders, bags, wheel and sprocket configurations (larger drive wheel, lower gearing), pedal assist electric motors which all contribute to value for the way you want to ride. And the cofiguration is likely too old to have good experience.

The new ones would come with the full manufacture warranty and the sales team will be able to help you choose the exactly right product and fit it for you right away.

So if you don’t want to invest a fortune in it, welcome to check our M-009 or M-F010. A great trike for small budgets, also for those who have to work on a tighter budget.

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