Experience Off-roading in a relaxing way?


It is totally possible!

Why we design a four-wheel-drive recumbent quad for off-road? Because you could not do that at all with a trike, one back wheel won’t do the job.

Now, you could have people who say “That is nothing, I could do that on my mountain bike.” That’s true, but riding a mountain bike is different altogether. You have to balance yourself, use your arms and your legs, your whole body, you get a good workout, move all over the place wherever you think you can go. Go for it if that is all you want.

And then there is people who don’t want to do everything but some things and or, maybe you just can’t do the whole mountain bike thing. You don’t want to keep balancing, keep using your arms and whole body but you can relax, sit back, still go to places and still use your legs and you have the electric assist to help you when you need it. You can chill, have a good workout, see what you want to see as long as you can do this.

That’s what the 4WD recumbent quad is about, and there is nothing wrong with that at all.

Motrike (www.motrike.com) and Trikexplor (www.trikexplor.com) websites and their Alibaba store. Talked a lot with Monica and she was very professional and helped me with many of my questions. I was lucky because they had the frame and parts in stock and I was able to pick up the quad shortly after placing my order. I drove my pickup truck to their factory. The designer is a very thoughtful guy and he told me a lot about how to use and play with the 4WD recumbent quad, which I was very interested and benefited from.

Now I can’t wait to ride my 4WD recumbent quad to experience different terrains and fulfill my years of desire. I’ll follow up with more photos and riding experiences for you guys as well!

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