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Trike ride on Le Petit Train du du Nord trail. The ride from La Conception to Nominingue and return is about 55 km. The trail is beautiful. I ride a Trikexplor 326E and my wife rides an M-009E.

In that video, my wife’s battery ran out at 50 km so I had to pull her, and I had plenty of battery power left when we reached our arrival destination. Now we know what my wife’s battery autonomy is… good to know!

I really like my Trikexplor 326E. Two weeks later we returned to the same trail but we departed from Val David, stopped at Mont-Temblant where we stayed overnight. The next day we reached Nominingue, stayed there overnight. and the next day, we arrived at our destination, Mont-Laurier. Approximately 55 km per day. Only my friend and I with both or 326 were part of that adventure that we really enjoyed. The trail from Blainville (starting point) is approx 240 km. There are hotels accessible right from the trail all along.

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