Here’s A Buyer’s Order Process On Recumbent Trike

  1. After check all the great replies on Recumbent Group’s topic” WHY I RIDE A RECUMBENT TRIKE IN 50 WORDS OR LESS” I pulled the trigger on a recumbent trike TrikExplor 320, it’s very excellent and came with free bag, flag pole, mirrors, headrest that fit me perfect.

2. New to me 320. I definitely won’t be doing the miles I have seen a lot of riders do but will be a good form of exercise for me. Due to health issues, there isn’t a lot I can do due to balance issues. I have been tinkering with the bike and getting a feel for it. But Storage is a bit of an issue, transporting it is kind of an issue. Then I get some suggestions for accessories in some places since it is late in the season. I know I really need to get them very shortly but wow are they pricey.

3. Ready to unload!! Saw a post a few days before about someone using ramps to load/unload their trikes and it totally made sense so I decided to buy a set and tried them today and they are great!? Even though my trike does not have a motor and the 320 is not that heavy, I did lift it a few times and it was just awkward. For some reason, it seemed heavier than what it actually is…so why to bother or end up hurting your back. The good news is I’ll have no trouble loading it the day I decide to electrify my trike! ? I highly recommend them!

4. Today is my longest ride on the trail so far on the trike. I actually had quite a few two-wheel riders tell me they had to work pretty hard to catch me. Made me feel pretty good since I have one more wheel than them to drag me down a bit! ? Definitely a great ride I’d do again in a heartbeat!

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