What They Are Saying About F426E?


My quad F426E have arrived all safe and sound, I had ridden it for a couple of weeks and I’ve been loving my fat quad. Overall, it has to help up quite well and can take on most terrain I find! I feel the customized motor is quite powerful, it matches the transmission systems very well. I think its more made for rock crawling and trail riding instead of jumping and going fast, right?

“My quad is very popular wherever I go. Everyone wants one when they see it. Surely they asked me the price, some connoisseurs think is very reasonable or even relatively inexpensive. But most of the others think it’s too high.”

Comparing the cost of this sort of thing to a truck or a motorcycle or etc is common, but is a bit like saying “I can buy a broken-down house in the hood for cheaper than a Ferrari.” No doubt it’s expensive, you don’t benefit from economies of scale on high-end bikes and similar objects because they are usually created to fit a specific niche demanded by a handful of people who are very particular about the performance characteristics they want out of the thing they are spending large amounts of money on.

You additionally are comparing a used car to a new bike, most used bikes lose a lot of their value as well, in fact, most bikes tend to depreciate harder initially, meaning that you can score a pretty good deal after a few years usually. I think another point that people don’t realize is that expensive bikes are expensive because they are engineered to be ridden in ways and under conditions that an average rider cannot fully appreciate, a bit like if you put an average driver in a high-performance racing car. A bike is a bike to the majority of people, but a seasoned racer can tell the difference between two bikes of reasonable quality. Yeah, this thing is basically two ebikes stapled together, meaning it’s an even more niche thing than a high-performance regular bicycle, and therefore all the previous points x2.

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