How to Solve the Common Maintenance Problem During Long-distance Riding


Spring is coming, it is cyclists’ time to plan their long-distance riding. Well, we may meet lots of problems during riding. Today we will talk about how to solve the common maintenance problem during long-distance riding

First of all, the most difficult problems on the road are flat tires or punctures. It is easier to find a hole for people with experience. If no experience, it is better to bring a few inner tubes, so it will not affect the itinerary.

The next problem is the brake. Is it better to use a disc brake? The answer is yes. The disc brake design was originally designed to ensure braking performance. However, long-distance riding is still based on convenient maintenance and debugging. The hydraulic disc is not recommended, and the easy-repairing parts are better.

For example, BB5, BB7, Shimano M375, M415, etc., are easy to debug, and brake shoes can be bought anywhere. If you use the hydraulic brakes, you can’t fix it on your own once it is broken. So we should choose these repair parts which should be easy to obtain.

Then the spokes problem. It is necessary to bring a few spare spokes with the appropriate length. The longer one is better as you can modify it by yourself. It will not work if it is short.

Then the chain problem. It is not necessary to bring a spare chain. Rivet and the magic button are convenient. You can use the magic buckle when the chain is broken.

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