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What's New in Motrike

TrikExplor® Series Recumbent

Our first self-developed series TrikExplor® includes Motrike's most advanced recumbent trikes, quadricycles, and bikes. All the patented products with modular design in TrikExplor® can be transformed into each other by changing certain parts. Therefore, our recumbent products occupy less storage, increasing your product variety and turnaround rate.

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    Utility Model Patent
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Assisted by Electric System & Advanced Tech

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    The electric system is optional for all our products. To meet different needs of capacity, Motrike offers several combinations of motors and batteries.

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    Feasibility assured by our innovation and engineering expertise. Quality and precision guaranteed within carefully controlled processing steps.

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Tailored to Your Business Needs

Looking for a unique appearance or special functions? Our customization service can help.

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Powerfully Integrated Supply Chain

Motrike doesn't build or customize a product alone, but with them.

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Ride Forward with You For the Last 15+ Years

With 1,000㎡ factory and a passionate engineering team, Motrike has been helping clients ride further since 2003.

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