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It’s a wise choice to cooperate with Motrike, a trusted brand in manufacturing premium pedal party bikes and beer bikes.

Motrike offers our business partners reliable pedal beer bikes with excellent features. We use advanced painting technology in the production process of the Motrike beer bike and pay attention to every detail in the production, so our party bike will stand the test of time.


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Pedal Party Bike of Original Designs

Over the years, Motrike has worked on the design of different styles of party bikes that suit customers' specific needs. 

We offer customers a variety of options in terms of seating arrangement.  For instance, the seats can be arranged in a row or in a circle.  Even the number of seats can be customized according to the actual  needs of customers.

Branches in the EU and US for convenience services

Warehouses in the EU and US for fast shipping

Color customization and accessories and components selection

10-year frame warranty, 2-year for the motor, and 1-year for the battery.

Small runs welcome with MOQ starting from 1pc

Excellent performance with advanced components

Motrike Party Bike and Pedal Pub for Sale

Motrike offers party bikes and pedal bars of highest quality to bring fun to your event. The customizable options, robust construction, and an emphasis on safety makes our party bikes and pedal bars the most favored choice for memorable and exciting group experiences.

Smart Design And Colors of Party Cycles

Plenty of Space

Motrike’s pedal pub bikes are designed with ample space for passengers to ensure the comfort of the ride. Owing to the well-designed internal structure arrangement, everyone on board has enough room to move freely and enjoy the gathering.


Ergonomic Design of Seat

All the seats on Motrike’s pub bikes are meticulously crafted so that they can provide optimal support and cushioning, ensuring a comfortable ride throughout the beer bike tour. What’s more, Motrike offers the options, such as fabric, color, and branding, to custom the party bike seats.


Durable Metallic Powder Coat

In order to takes durability of party bikes to the next level, we choose the advanced metallic powder coat finish. After this surface finishing, the beer pedal cart has been greatly improved in terms of visual appeal, and also become scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

Safe and Advanced Mechanical Systems


Electric Motor System Provides Strong Power

The pedal beer bikes manufactured by Motrike feature an efficient electric motor system that delivers robust power to enhance passengers riding experience. Compared to normal motors, the advanced engines we use can help in special situations, such as in uphill climbs and long-distance tours. With the perfect balance of pedal power and electric assistance, can effortlessly navigate various terrains.

CVT Transmission Offers Extremely Smooth Rides

Motrike utilizes the innovative technology CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) in the production of pedal beer bikes. Being different from traditional gear shifting, CVT automatically adjusts gear changes to eliminate jerky movements and keep the ride in a steady state.

Hydraulic Braking System Offers Better Parking Power

A powerful braking system is important to ensure a safe bar bike tour. Motrike installed a hydraulic braking system that offers superior parking power for the pedal pub bike to stay securely. In addition, a sturdy steering system is also used on Motrike’s pedal beer bikes to make them easy to handle.

Pedal Party Bike Accessories of High Quality


Pedal Crawler

It’s noteworthy that the pedal crawlers used on Motrike’s pub bikes require little maintenance as they are made of high-quality parts for commercial use. 



We know the importance of a durable frame for a pedal beer bike, and that is why we choose to manufacture the frame using reinforced galvanized steel. 


Panel Roof

Our party cycles use aluminum composite panel roofs that is anti-UV corrosion as well as prevent rust. So passengers can ride the party bike in any weather condition.



Another advantage of the ergonomic seats is that they are adjustable. So that there’s a wide range of ages for passengers.


Light and Speaker

In order to create an immersive experience for various occasions, we add a set of LED lights and an MP3 speaker to the beer pedal cart.



Motrike’s beer pedal carts are powered by high-performance lithium batteries that provide lasting and stable power.

Flexible Application Scenarios and Users
of Motrike Party Bikes

Holiday Village

For resort operators, Motrike pedal party bikes are indispensable as they can create a happy and relaxing festive atmosphere and allow visitors to have more ways to socialize.

Team Building Activities

A bar bike tour can be the optimal choice to foster teamwork and communication. No matter what kind of atmosphere is wanted for team building, Motrike’s party bike can create easily.

Celebration Events

Motrike’s pub bikes are suitable for many kinds of celebration events, ranging from birthday parties to bachelor/bachelorette parties and even weddings. 

City Tour

As the popularity of city Tours has increased, it has become increasingly profitable to start a party bike rental business. For a startup rental business, the Motrike Pedal party bike is really cost-effective.

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Why Starting Business
with Pedal Party Bike


There are many advantages of starting a pedal party bike business, and one of them is being eco-friendly. With zero emissions, your business contributes a lot to sustainable development while also playing a role in promoting the development of urban tourism.

Wide Range of Tourists

In addition to the business of renting beer bikes in resorts, city centers, and other places, more and more people are renting beer bikes for various celebrations. This means you have a wide range of customers, so you can make high profits without worrying that your business will be limited.

Low Maintenance Cost

Because of the premium quality of Motrike beer pedal carts, the cost of maintenance is low. In other words, for those who are operating a business related to beer bikes, choosing Motrike’s bikes is a way to get a big profit margin.

How Can Motrike Power Up Your Busieness

Development of New Models

Motrike has been developing new party bike models for years, that is why our customers can always find the most special and unique styles. Because of the variety of styles, Motrike’s products suit both city touring and outdoor sightseeing. 

More Than 15 Years of Experience

Motrike offers guarantee for beer bike buyers who value quality, performance and safety the most. As we have over 15 years of experience in bike manufacturing industry, our extensive knowledge and insights enable us to design and produce the best pedal party bikes.

Custom Services

We offer a wide range of options to custom the pedal beer bikes, including the customization of seats, color, accessories, electric assist options, etc. All of them ensure that your pedal pub bike reflects your unique vision and branding.

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