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Motrike selects the well-performing motors and large-capacity batteries from famous brands, including BAFANG, DAPU, Panasonic, LG, and Chilwee.

With many advanced components in the e-assist system, our trikes, quadricycles, and bikes can offer the users effortless riding experience at controlled speed with focus on less noise, higher efficiency, and environmental protection. Also, Motrike's electric products require low maintenance.

Browse the following to see how you and your customers can benefit from Motrike's electric trikes​ and quadricycles​.

Easily Installed Batteries for Recumbent Trikes and Quadricycles

All lithium batteries of the Motrike recumbent trikes and quadricycles (including all recumbent products in our self-developed series TrikExplor®​) are quick-releasing and of a portable size. Therefore, riders can carry several batteries with them on long-distance trips and install them anytime without concerns about cells running out.

Also, our recumbent tricycles and quadricycles with the e-assist system are suitable for various applications, including sports, off-roading, daily commuting, touring, and rehabilitation. Users can ride at greater speeds with less effort and comfortably ride uphill and downhill.

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Protect the Environment with Electric Rickshaws

Under the influence of environmental protection, people tend to use electric products which emit no greenhouse gas.

You may provide your customers with our e-assist rickshaws to cater to their concerns about the environment, and also to improve your business reputation by taking corporate social responsibility.

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