Recumbent Quadricycles

TrikExplor® recumbent quadricycles with steering limiting devices are more stable during riding. Also, users can ride smoothly on every road and in all conditions with the assistance of the electric motor. With all the advantages, the modular design also helps you offer more value-adding assembly services for your customers and enlarge your business. As the leading tricycles and quadricycles manufacturer in China, Motrike enables you to customize the recumbent quadricycles to satisfy any of your customers’ requirements.

Your Benefits

  • Occupying Less Space Thanks to Modular Design
  • Fast Delivery with Products in Stock Overseas
  • Great Performance with Advanced Components
  • 10-Year Warranty on Frames
  • High Efficiency Brought by E-assist
  • Small Runs Welcome with MOQ as low as 1pc
  • Color Customization and Accessories and Components Selection
  • Quality Products with CE Certification
  • No Rollover Risk, Ample Storage Space

    Motrike’s TrikExplor® recumbent quadricycles feature four wheels of the same size selected from leading brands, such as Kenda and Schwalb, which makes our quadricycles more stable than those with a triangle structure.

    The caging devices on two front wheels settle the steering radius, so that the risk of rollover barely exists, protecting the riders.

    Moreover, with a larger storage room, riders can take a lot of stuff with them for long-distance traveling.

    With our TrikExplor® recumbent quadricycles, you can provide your customers with safe, stable four-wheel bikes that have ample storage space and are suitable for daily and extreme conditions.

    P03 4 S03
  • Powered by Electric System

    TrikExplor® recumbent quadricycles can suit various conditions and purposes, including off-roading, sports, commuting, rehabilitation, and recreation. With e-assist, your customers can conquer rugged roads and ride fast and far.

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  • Upgrade to Countless Possibilities

    What differentiates TrikExplor® recumbent quadricycles is that our products can be easily transformed.

    The patented modular design enables our recumbent four-wheeled bikes to be upgraded from a daily quadricycle with necessary functions into an off-road quadricycle by replacing the wheels.

    In other examples, Motrike’s four wheels can also be changed into three wheels to create a new tricycle.

    With our recumbent quadricycles, you can provide more value-adding upgrade and assembly services for your customers.

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Our Recumbent Quadricycles and Services


Richard, USA

All four wheels are powered by pedaling, motor or both. A lever switches between 2 and 4 wheel drive. This would make an awesome expedition vehicle. This bike is truly a highly functional 4 wheel drive recumbent quad. Four wheel drive is selectable.


Geirr, Norway

I would highly recommend acquiring one of these quads. You can’t build one for the price (including shipping and brokerage fees). I took mine to a recumbent specialist yesterday. He was amazed by the engineering and the inline parking brake design really wow’d him. It handles my 210lb, 6ft frame well, even up hills.


David, USA

Every time I took the quad out I felt like TMZ and paparazzi’s were laying in wait. Front wheel drive chain and the pedal chain weren’t connected. This should also give you a feel for top speed without pedaling.

George Baldwin

Austin, USA

I’ve been loving my fat quad. Overall, it has help up quite well and can take on most terrain I find! I tweaked a few things at the start: swapped out the included motor for a Bafang, added a Nuvinci 360 in the rear, and created a set of thinner 29” tires for the summer time.

Honestly, the only weird that has happened is the paint has started to fade in the front (see attached photo). It looks like it’s due to sun exposure. You can see strips of the original green paint where I had some zip ties on the front tubes and the picture of the rear
for comparison. I think it’s just cosmetic, so it’s nothing major.

Would love to turn this thing into a full suspension quad, so if and when that kit becomes available, count me in! I love the modular approach you guys are taking.


Mark Baker

Jack, USA

I had a hp velotechnik scorpion fs26 pedelec,,,very nice trike,,,But I was limited where I could go,, I have the trikexplor 4WD Sport Utility Quad-424E,,, I Would never go back to a trike,,it is amazing where I can go

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