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TrikExplor® Recumbent

TrikExplor® series includes Motrike's leading recumbent trikes, quadricycles, and bikes with the following features and benefits for you:

trikexplor series trike
  • Lasting and lightweight with quality materials, such as the 6061 aluminim alloy.

  • Application-specific functions satisfy different customers' needs.

  • Excellent performance assured by branded components, including Kenda and SCHWALB tires, Panasonic and LG batteries, and BAFANG and DAPU motors.

  • Occupying less space thanks to modular design. The products consist of several parts and can be upgraded to each other by changing components.

  • Transformation Like You've Never Seen

    Have trouble with storing large, one-piece recumbent products? Our recumbent trikes, quadricycles, and bikes require less space.

    With a patented modular configuration, Motrike's TrikExplor® models share the same type of primary tube and allow different parts to be flexibly attached to it. Therefore, our products can be transformed from one to the other with some parts changed, which increases your product variety and reduces the areas occupied as well as your turnaround time.

    Also, you can offer a custom assembly service for your customers, which adds value to your business.

    modular design
  • Special Seats Made for Back Supporting

    The specially designed seats for TrikExplor® series feature comfortable sponge filling, breathable mesh fabric surface, and two side bolsters on the low waist position to fully support the back. Users can rest the back on our seat with an adjustable headrest, which will help them get rid of the pain caused by upright sitting.

    Moreover, our seats provide suspension, helping the users ride more stably and smoothly.

    the special seat boasters of trikexplor recumbents
  • Robust Motor Power Through All Conditions

    Equipped with the high-performance BaFang mid-drive motor, Motrike's TrikExplor® products help riders go further in a breeze on all terrains by providing them with considerable extra strength.

    The TrikExplor® can turn the feeling of sore legs into the past, forever. Order our products to help your customers explore the world with fun!

    Trikexplor's recumbent trikes

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