trike develping
design drawing of modular tricycles
design drawing of modular quadricycles

Designing Products of Real Worth

With more than 15 years of experience in designing tricycles​ and quadricycles​, Motrike's engineering team, by continuously conducting research, is able to understand what end customers and our clients desire.

Based on this, our team develops different functions to satisfy the market's various requirements, which guarantees that our products are most welcome and needed.

For example, our patented modular design applied in TrikExplor® series​ can effectively reduce the occupied areas, releasing your storage and enabling you to provide value-adding upgrading services for your customers.

Motrike designs investment-worthy products.

3D Model Testing Guarantees Feasibility

Each model starts with a conceptual sketch outlining specific criteria. 3D modeling allows us to see renderings of the product within a parametric model.

With several tests, we can check if the model can work under specific conditions, such as turnings, and then we can find out their limitations. This way, we can establish and promise that our models are feasible in the computational calculation and can enter the next stage of manufacturing.

developing new models of trikes and quadricycles

Processing Finesse Parts

Let's see how Motrike's parts become standardized, firmly welded, harder and stronger, and corrosion-resistant.

  • Milling

  • Welding

  • Heat Treatment

  • Coating

  • milling tricycles

    We use a mill or a CNC machine to cut parts, such as tubes, to make them precise as required. With milling, we can promise that Motrike's products of the same model use the parts with the same specifications, and all perform well.

  • welding trikes

    Motrike's skilled technicians weld our frames and parts with TIG welding, which enables us to control the process better and perform stronger, high-quality welding. With TIG welding, Motrike's trikes and quadricycles are sleek with parts fused perfectly.

  • heat treatment

    The parts of our tricycles and quadricycles receive the T4, T5 and T6 heat treatment to achieve higher hardness and strength.

    Going through two heating and rapid cooling phases with extream temperatures, aluminum gets stronger and harder, also features corrosion resistance.

  • coating

    All our coatings come from famous brands, including Tiger Coatings.

    The durable powder coating with multiple layers prevents Motrike's products from wearing out and provides various colors to meet your customization needs.

    Moreover, the anodized coating we adopt creates an oxide layer on the surface and protects our parts from oxidization. The anodizing process also helps our products achieve corrosion resistance and insulation.

  • assembling parts of trikes and quadricycles

    Assembly before Delivery Promise Precision

    After the processing, our engineers assemble the parts of our trikes and quadricycles to adjust the precision of the frames by aligning the bolts and holes and modify the wheels to prevent deviation.

    After all the adjustments have been done, users can easily assemble Motrike's products and have better control over the direction of riding.

  • packaging trikes

    Carefully Packaged and Delivered to You

    The multiple-layer packaging of our tricycle and quadricycle parts protects them from collision during shipping. With careful packaging, our components can arrive at your designated address safe and sound, with the cost caused by potential damage reduced.

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