Our rickshaws with innovative design and large surface help catch the passengers’ attention and bring you great profits from advertising. Our eco-friendly products with e-assist also help reduce emissions and protect the environment.  Motrike, as a leading tricycle and quadricycle manufacturer in China, offers you customization service for rickshaws, pedicabs, and velotaxis to meet your different business needs.

Your Benefits

  • High Efficiency and Less Pollution Brought by E-assist
  • Small Runs Welcome with MOQ Starting from 1pc
  • 10-Year Warranty on Lasting Frames
  • Quality Products with CE Certification
  • Stand out With Modern Design

    The state-of-the-art design with slant seats and sleek appearance makes our products stand out from the average pedicabs and velotaxis. We also innovatively include the canopy and shell versions of the passenger seats to provide comprehensive protection—on both rainy and sunny days, your business will run smoothly.

    Moreover, optimized rickshaws and velotaxis have more space on the surface for advertisements, bringing significant revenue from businesses, including restaurants, cinemas, and hotels.

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  • Go Green, Gain Customers' Favors

    Compared to the petrol cars emitting greenhouse gas, our rickshaws and velotaxis are eco-friendly and efficient thanks to the electric system. People nowadays prefer more electric products due to the influence of environmental protection. And our tricycles can help you and your customers follow this trend.

    By going green, Motrike’s velotaxis and rickshaws bring you favors from your customers and improve your business reputation.

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Our Rickshaws and Services


Kevin, United States

I’m cruising Lakeside Park on this gorgeous April 1st and then I run into three of my biggest pedicab fans! Emily, Abby and Kiley! I may have three future drivers here! I just hope I’m still in taxi business in nine years when they will be old enough to apply for a taxi cab drivers license.


Dejan, Slovenia

We are preparing for spring. We are preparing for new orders, we conclude the contracts. In the attachment I send a picture rickshaws, which would have also wanted possibly to draw up together.


Diga, France

The electric taxi bike it’s great for Eco Taxi Service and it’s a good environmental Alternatives instead of cars.


Keith, Czech Republic

Our government support the eco-taxi business with zero pollution. This would be a very positive for the Taxi bike. And we chose your company because you produce a higher quality product with less moving parts which translates lower maintenance, lighter weight unit !

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