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Front Loading Pedicab Bike


  • Features
    1. Front Seating: Designed with passenger seating at the front, enabling easy supervision and interaction.
    2. Low Ground Clearance: The seats have been installed at a lower position, facilitating easy boarding and alighting.
    3. Compact Size: Compared to traditional pedicabs, it boasts a smaller structure promising adept manoeuvrability.
    4. Steady Speed: Designed to maintain a consistent speed ensuring a smooth and steady ride.
    5. Easy Storage: Because of its compact size, it is easy to store which saves space.
  • Description

    Our Front Loading Pedicab Bike is a bike that truly revolutionizes personal commuting. Designed keeping user-centricity at the core, it marries convenience, and flexibility while ensuring the utmost safety of its passengers. From its front-load seating and low ground clearance to its compact size and steady speed, every single facet has been thoughtfully designed.

  • Applications

    The Front Loading Pedicab is ideally suited for several applications, including elder care, mobility for individuals with disabilities, and for city tours. Its easy maneuverability, optimal control, and front-load design also makes it a top choice for those looking for a personal, efficient, and environmentally-friendly transportation mode.

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  • Advantages

  • Specifications


  • Choosing the Front Loading Pedicab Bike carries a series of benefits:


    1. Enhanced Interaction: The front placement of passenger seating makes it easier for the rider to take care of the passengers and communicate effectively.
    2. Convenient Boarding: The low seat height makes it particularly easy for elderly or disabled individuals to board or alight the vehicle.
    3. Prompt Response to Emergencies: The rider can quickly perceive sudden situations due to the passengers residing at the front.
    4. Agile Maneuverability: Smaller and more flexible than traditional models, it is easy to control and navigate through traffic.
    5. Safety & Reliability: This pedicab ensures absolute safety and reliability, thanks to the steady speed feature.

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