Full Aluminum alloy cargo bike
Full Aluminum alloy cargo bike
full aluminum alloy cargo bike 2
Full Aluminum alloy cargo bike 4
Full Aluminum alloy cargo bike
Full Aluminum Alloy Cargo Bike 7

Full Aluminum Alloy Cargo Bike


  • Features
    1. Lightweight Build: The use of full aluminum alloy makes this cargo bike extraordinarily light in weight.
    2. Stable and Smooth Riding: Its expertly crafted design ensures stability and smooth riding experience.
    3. Durable Construction: Built with aluminum alloy, this bike boasts longevity and ruggedness.
    4. Anti-Corrosion: The aluminum alloy material possesses powerful oxidation resistance, which eliminates the risk of rust.
    5. Spacious Cargo Area: The large cargo compartment presents plenty of room for all your goods.
  • Description

    Our Full Aluminum Alloy Cargo Bike is an epitome of innovation, meeting high-quality standards while maintaining eco-friendliness. It combines the lightweight, anti-corrosion property of aluminum alloy with the spaciousness of its cargo compartment to create an excellent solution for both personal and professional transport needs.

  • Applications

    This cargo bike is ideal for a range of applications, including family outings, grocery shopping, deliveries, and even for small businesses. It caters to those seeking a convenient, cost-effective, and sustainable solution for transport.

Full Aluminum Alloy Cargo Bike For kids, pets and goods transport

Full Aluminum Alloy Cargo Bike 8
  • Advantages

  • Specifications


  • Experience the multitude of benefits with our Full Aluminum Alloy Cargo Bike:


    1. Easy Maneuverability: Being lightweight makes it more agile, enhancing the ease of navigation.
    2. Long-lasting: Its durable construction ensures it to stand the test of time.
    3. Maintenance-free: Owing to its anti-corrosion feature, it requires minimal maintenance.
    4. Versatile Application: The large cargo compartment can accommodate various types of goods, pets and kids , making it suitable for various applications.
  • Components Technical Data
    Frame Aluminum 6061 T6 Overall width 88 cm
    Tires 20×1.75″ front / 24×2.125″ rear Puncture resistant Tire Overall height 114-135 cm
    Rim Aluminum alloy Overall length 235 cm
    Front brake Disc brake Box width 63 cm
    Rear brake V-brake Box height 50cm
    Gears Shimano 6 gears Box length 106cm
    Crankset Bafang aluminum alloy Weight 50kg
    Pedal Aluminum alloy Wheel size 20″ front / 24″ rear
    Box Solid wood multiply wood Max. load 150 kg
    Headlight LED Rider height 155-195 cm
    Motor Bafang 250w rear hub motor Top speed 25 kph
    Battery 36v 13Ah lithium battery Range 50 km
    Display Bafang display Charging time 6 hours
    Pedal assist cadence sensor

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