two wheels electric cargo bike
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two wheel Electric Cargo bike
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2-Wheel Electric Cargo Bike


  • Features
    1. Eco-Friendly and Efficient: Powered by electricity, it’s a clean way to move around your city, reducing your carbon footprint.
    2. Customizable Designs: With bespoke cabin design options, it meets an array of personalized requirements.
    3. Low Ground Clearance: The chassis is closer to the ground level for enhanced safety and balance making it safer for carrying passengers and cargo.
    4. Fewer Certification Limitations: An ideal home-life vehicle without major certification restrictions.
  • Description
    Bringing together tradition and innovation, Motrike’s 2-wheel electric cargo bike is a revamped version of traditional bikes. Redefining cargo mobility, this model provides a more flexible, lightweight, and cost-effective solution for carrying goods and transporting kids safely.
  • Applications
    Ideal for urban dwellers seeking a sustainable mode of transportation, our 2-wheel electric cargo bike suits various applications. It facilitates everyday personal use, small business deliveries, and offering a safe, enjoyable ride for children.
    Experience the freedom of city travel with our modern, eco-friendly solution that pairs safety with style. Navigate city streets, transport goods, or ferry kids around with the Motrike 2-wheel electric cargo bike: your ideal choice for urban mobility.

2 wheel electric cargo bike
  • Advantages

  • Specifications


    1. Versatility: Whether you’re ferrying kids to school or hauling deliveries across town, our electric cargo bike gets the job done.
    2. Safety: The lower position of the cabin offers increased stability and makes it safer for carrying both passengers and goods.
    3. Cost-Effective: Save on fuel costs and vehicle maintenance with this electric alternative.
    4. Customization: Match your style or business needs with our custom build options.

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