Top Manufacturer of Multifunctional
Surrey Bike in China

Motrike Surrey, with its reinforced frames and selected materials, provides your customers with a great bearing capacity. Also, special wheel arrangements
help your customers ride with better visibility and less effort. You can offer both pedal-driven surrey bikes and electric surrey to your customers. Motrike, as a leading manufacturer of tricycles and quadricycles in China, wholesales developed surreys requiring low maintenance to help improve your business.

Ride Into Fun and Adventure - Experience the Joy of Surrey Bike!

Surrey bike provides a fun and unique way to exercise while enjoying the outdoors with friends or family. It also allows multiple people to ride together, making it a great social activity.
Additionally, the design of the Surrey bike is often appealing and can create a nostalgic feeling, making it an attractive option for rental businesses or recreational areas.

Strong Frames, Smart Materials, Easy Upkeep:
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surrey pedal

Reinforced Steel Frame

Our Surrey bikes offer a 4 mm thickness tube for the bike. The reinforced steel frame with proper thickness perfectly assures its high capacity and durability. And we offer a 5-year warranty for the bike frame.

Different Thicknesses Steel

Depending on the number of passengers, the thickness of steel varies from 2mm for the 2-seater Surrey and 4mm for the 4-seater, which is enough to provide strong bearing capacity.

Stronger Welding

Welding also strengthens the right angles and makes the frame sturdier.

Advanced Materials

Rock solid powder coat with Austria Tiger brand powder coating. Thanks to anti-corrosion and anti-rust materials, our surrey can be used even in the seaside and wet fields.

Motorcycle Tires and Rims

Overload capacity wearable motorcycle tires and solid rims give the bikes more durability, and wide-size motorcycle tires have strong adhesion and make pedaling more stable and comfortable.

Low Maintenance

Great materials and frames mean no high maintenance costs, and we offer replacement accessories too.

Large Space Among the Bench Seats

There is a larger space (45 cm) between the front seat and the rear seat. It is more comfortable for people to pedal.

Comfortable Bench Seat

Open bench seats with comfortable foam cushions give your tailbone and the back the desired support. Meanwhile, the comfort level helps the tailbone to remain in better health longer when exercising.

Special Wheel Arrangement Makes Riding Smooth

The benefit of the different sizes available in front wheels as well as rear wheels:

Why Smaller Front Wheels and Front Track Width?

The two smaller wheels at the front have a much better steering radius which means it’s easier to turn corners. The smaller front track width is also designed for easy steering.

Why Large Rear Wheels?

Pedal, Party, and Pints -
The Ultimate Beer Bike Experience

Pedal, Party, and Pints - The Ultimate Beer Bike Experience

A beer bike involves a group of people pedaling a mobile bar on wheels, while drinking beer or other alcoholic beverages. It’s an excellent way to combine exercise, socializing, and sightseeing, making it a great activity for tourists, weddings, and parties. Additionally, it’s an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional modes of transportation since it does not require any fuel or emits harmful pollutants.


High Effective Driving System

The driving system converts pedal power into wheel traction, and minimizes the amount of pedal power lost. In that case, the bike can move easily even with only one single-person pedal.

beer bike

Reinforced Galvanized Steel Frame

The reinforced steel frame gives the bike 15 years of life and the bike’s corrosion-resistant performance is optimized with galvanized steel frame.


Duty Heavy Car Wheel

The beer bike with heavy-duty car wheels ensures the high capacity of the bike. Light alloy rim makes bikes more beautiful and improves the comfort of cycling.

Adjustable Seats With Safety Belt
There is a 27cm adjusted range of seats with safety belts, which allows more people of different ranges of height to enjoy riding in a comfortable and safe position.
Aluminum Composite Panel Roof
Anti-UV corrosion and waterproof aluminum composite panel roof with ample storage space ensures the bike works in different weather conditions.

Benefits of Motrike Surrey

Provides a unique and memorable experience for groups celebrating events such as birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and corporate team-building activities.

Encourages physical activity and teamwork as passengers must pedal together to move the bike.

Avoiding the risks of drunk driving or public intoxication.

Can be a sustainable and eco-friendly transportation option for short distances.

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