Motrike Surrey, with its reinforced frames and selected materials, provides your customers with a great bearing capacity. Also, special wheel arrangements help your customers ride with better visibility and less efforts. You can offer both pedal-driven surrey bikes and electric Surrey to your customers. Motrike, as a leading manufacturer of tricycles and quadricycles in China, wholesales developed surreys requiring low maintenance to help improve your business.

Your Benefits

  • Fewer Maintenance Expenses
  • 10-Year Warranty on Frames
  • High Efficiency Brought by E-assist
  • Small Runs Welcome with MOQ Starting from 1pc
  • Color Customization and Accessories and Components Selection
  • Quality Products with CE Certification
  • Firm Frames. Advanced Materials. Low Maintenance.

    Motrike Surrey uses reinforced steel to build the complicated structure of the frame with wearable motorcycle tires and solid rims. Depending on the number of passengers, the thickness of steel varies from 2mm for 2-seater Surrey and 4mm for the 4-seater, which is enough to provide strong bearing capacity. Welding also strengthens the right angles and makes the frame sturdier.

    Thanks to anti-corrosion and anti-rust materials, our surreys can be used even in the seaside and wet fields.

    Motrike’s Surrey helps you get rid of the concerns about frequent maintenance and save the related expense.

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  • Special Wheel Arrangement Make Riding Smooth

    Motrike’s surrey bikes have front wheels as well as rear wheels available in different sizes.

    The smaller front wheels offer a smaller steering radius, which makes turning easy. At the same time, the larger rear wheels elevate the riders’ seats to provide better visibility of the road conditions. Also, passengers can ride with less effort, for the risen rear wheels produce more significant pulling force.

    Our surrey helps your customers ride comfortably and effortlessly.

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  • Pedal or E-assist? Let Your Customers Decide.

    The pedal-driven Motrike surrey is easy to ride and can help your customers exercise more, and stay healthy. The electric surrey bikes with powerful motors and lead-acid batteries can assist your customers in carrying large loads and riding effortlessly.

    The two kinds of Motrike surreys enable your clients to meet their different needs and increase your product variety.

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Our Surrey and Services


Tony Galante, Germany

All is well with the surrey. We have rented in multiple times per day. Every day since it arrived. It still looks beautiful and we think it will continue to be a positive part of our fleet. We are in the process of evaluating our needs for next summer.


Frank, France

Thank you very much for sending the goods correctly, we have opened 5 of them and they look fine, very happy until now.


Domantas, Spain

I have got these bikes and they are realy nice! Good quality and thank you for extra parts! Realy nice to make business with you. Thank you again for taking care!


Monica, Canada

I really love this 4 persons bike. I ordered ten. I put them for the public used in my community in the temple. Everything events people line up taking turn to ride it and taking pictures. They love the bike. Moreover, I loved the service and shipping,  it is fast.

Gilles boulerice

Gilles boulerice, United States

Hi Rose, I am glad to talk to you,i finally received my four wheels bikes. they are WONDERFUL,i m proud of you and your team. I’m going to order twenty-five more next spring .Special thanks to you i really appreciate.

Liam Kim

Liam Kim, Korea

The product received well. The product is very strong and good,Consumers are very satisfied and we are very satisfied. I will order frequently from now on. Thanks

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