Heavy-duty Last-Mile Delivery Cargo Trike


  • Features
    1. The reinforced steel frame offers exceptional durability and strength, ensuring the trike can withstand heavy loads and rigorous use.
    2. The dual-suspension frame significantly enhances the ride’s overall comfort and stability.
    3. Front: Aluminum Rim&Hub, Stainless Steel Spokes 24″x2.5 Maxxis Tyre; Rear: Endurance Motorcycle Wheels, 14″x2.75 Tyre with Anti-Puncture Features
    4. Front Disc Brake, Rear Tektro E-Twin Hydraulic Disc Brakes
    5. Shimano 8-Speed Shifter & Derailleur
    6. Top Brand Rear Differential 750w Motor
    7. Top Brand-CHILWEE 48V 20Ah Lead Acid Battery
    8. Throttle and Pedal Assist Power Assistance
    9. Protective Canopy offers additional protection to the rider from various weather conditions.
  • Description

    High-performance, heavy-duty cargo delivery trike equipped with a GTAW-reinforced Tig welded steel frame for exceptional durability and performance. Its unique trike design allows for high stability and efficient load distribution, providing a sustainable and cost-effective solution for cargo transportation.

  • Applications
    1. Delivering goods in urban areas.
    2. Use by courier services requiring a reliable and efficient vehicle.
    3. A practical and sustainable choice for local deliveries and transportation.

Heavy-duty Cargo Delivery Trike: Efficient and Eco-friendly Cargo Transportation Solution!

  • Advantages

  • Specifications


    1. Robust construction with high-quality components for exceptional durability and performance.
    2. Protective canopy shields the rider from various weather conditions.
    3. Throttle and Pedal Assist provides versatility in rider controls.
    4. Eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for cargo transportation.
    5. Motrike Custom High-Quality Controller ensures safe driving conditions.
  • Components Technical Data
    Frame High carbon steel Overall width 110 cm
    Front tire  24″x 2.5 maxxis Tyre Overall height 170 cm
    Rear tire 14″ x 2.75 motorcycle tyre with anti puncture feature Overall length 256 cm
    Rim Aluminum alloy Cargo Box width 90 cm
    Front brake Disc brake Cargo Box height 140 cm
    Rear brake Tektro E- twin hydraulic disc brakes from Taiwan Cargo Box legnth 120 cm
    Gears Shimano 8 gears Weight 90 kg
    Pedal Aluminum alloy Max. load 300 kg
    Cargo Box Aluminum composite panel Rider height 160-190 cm
    Headlight/Taillight LED Top speed 25 km/h
    Motor Differential 750w motor Range 60 km
    Battery 48v 20Ah lead acid battery Charging time 6 hours
    Display LCD display
    Pedal assist cadence sensor

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