10,000 km Adventure from Europe to China with Solar Bikes


Do you want a Sun Trip Europe, a 10,000 km adventure of free and unassisted itinerary from Europe to China?

The Sun Trip hold by Sun Trip Company is a rendezvous for solar bike adventurers. The Sun Trip allows us to wonder and ponder while putting human relationships in the spotlight, it is the discovery and growth of electro-solar mobility, self-transcendence and accessibility, the friendship between peoples.

Adventurers on solar bikes, free to decide their course! Just like a Vendee Globe on land or a 21st century Paris-Dakar, the Sun Trip is writing a new chapter in the world of the biggest adventures. Once in Kazakhstan (2013) and in Turkey (2015), in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (2017), in China (2018) The Sun Trip is an event designed to make people dream and spark thought whilst putting humans at the forefront. Des aventuriers en velos solaires, un parcours en itineraire libre ! A l’image d’un «Vendee Globe terrestre», le Sun Trip ecrit une nouvelle page dans le monde des grandes aventures. Hier au Kazakhstan (2013) ou en Turquie (2015), autour de la Region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (juillet 2017), ou encore vers la Chine (2018), le Sun Trip est un evenement qui fait autant rever que reflechir, en mettant l’humain au centre de ses preoccupations.

Now the Sun Trip company is gathering the adventurers for the New Sun Trip : 01 June 2021. If you are interested, Click the link (https://www.thesuntrip.com/en/sun-trip-2021/) to learn how to Register For The Sun Trip 2021.

Many adventurers are trying to search for the right bikes for this sun trip. If you haven’t found one now, please check TrikExplor solar recumbent trike.

And now we are upgrading the solar trike, the 3rd generation model will come soon.

Originally the Solar panel is 440w in one complete piece on the top of the trike.

Now we make the Solar panels in two pieces, one is 200w on the top of the trike and the other one is also 200w on the top of the trailer. The total power is still 440w.

The height of front solar panel is adjusted by 10-15 cm according to the height of the rider.

The rear solar panel can be tilted to adapt to different angles of sunlight.

We separate the solar panels in order to better absorb sun light, and the trike looks exquisite with small solar panel. Previously we use a large complete solar panel, the trike would look bulky.

The newest 320E solar model is equipped with:

  1. 48v 500w Bafang mid-motor, 48v 20Ah lithium battery

2. 2x 200watt solar panel

3. Rear air suspension, adjustable driving seat

4. Shimano 9 gears

5. Complete lights system

The customized enhanced widening rear rack can load 50kg about 3 luggage bag

The top speed is up to 45km/h, range performance is around 300km. Solar energy offers much power to the battery, and it is constructive for extending endurance.

Exactly, It provides a solution for those people who seek Long Journey needs. This versatile and adaptable vehicle also offering a host of practical functions. It’s really suitable for this adventure.

If you need more information, feel free to contact us.

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