A Professional Comment from One of the Trikexplor Followers


The 4WD quad video made by Trikexplor on Youtube attracts me a lot. That first eight-minute movie intro was captivating, and superbly done from a cinematic standpoint, but even more impressive is the vehicle itself!

That quad blows away any fat tire vehicle I’ve ever seen before, three wheels or four! There is no way I could have navigated all that challenging terrain on my Full Fat. Granted, it has electric power, but even so, its terrain navigation potential is stunning. If that had been available back when I was getting into the fat tire realm, I would have been highly tempted to get one.

 Its ability to traverse varied angled planes, while keeping the tires mostly on the ground, is a testament to its suspension system, as standard rigid quads will lift a tire quite high in situations like those shown in the movie, which then places extreme stress loads on the welds and frame.

Personally, I would not assume that all items originating in China are not trustworthy. Clearly, this company has put a lot into this vehicle, and I suspect it may well back up what it claims, for a long time. My Full Fat frame, and other parts, were made in Asian countries (Taiwan China/Mainland China/maybe others), and I was totally impressed with it.

I for one would have loved an opportunity to test this quad! Oh well, I can live vicariously through the outstanding cinematic presentation (until I get my fat bike ordered and outfitted, after which I will be out doing all this sort of thing … )

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