Best Folding Tricycle for Adults [Full Guide]


Adult cyclists need all the comfort they can get when cycling, such as a relaxed back, less bending of the knees, and a better posture while riding. Failure to provide a comfortable ride will cause strains and fatigue on the adult rider.

If you are among the many interested in these three-wheelers or you are simply looking for new ways to easily transport around as an adult, this article offers complete details on the best folding tricycle for adults.

Folded recumbent trike

Benefits of Folding Tricycles for Adults 

Have you been looking for convincing reasons on why to purchase a foldable tricycle for adults, this section highlights the benefits you stand to enjoy once you choose to get a folding tricycle.

Easy to Carry and Store

One of the key reasons people put off a purchase of a tricycle is the inability to securely store or park it in their home. This is because many people live in non-spacious areas that limit their flexibility, hence, they need a transport medium that is effective and easy to store without incurring damage. 

A folding tricycle offers an advantage when it comes to this feature. It can retract into a portable, compact form that allows you to easily store it in your home. Moreso, this foldable feature snaps back into its original size when you need to go for a reason across the town or city. 

Convenient to Use

The folding adult tricycle is one machine that guarantees convenience because it can easily be made smaller, and convenient to carry to different places.

Most of folding tricycles have a step-through frame that can withstand tonnes of weight and pressure without breaking. This allows easy climbing or disembarking from the tricycle. 

This feature is especially helpful for individuals with a limited range of mobility. In addition, the tricycle has handlebars that are designed to provide the riders with great comfort when riding. 

Hassle-Free Assembly

It’s a prevalent issue that many people consider the steps to assemble the parts to be cumbersome, and some of them even don’t understand the instructions.

Many people get tired when their new purchases come with complex assembly mechanisms. The folding adult trike produced by Motrike is rather easy to assemble or set up. Once unpacked, they can be assembled within minutes, allowing you to get them tested immediately. 

Health and Fitness

Health and fitness have ranked top as one of the most searched fields gaining popularity among people of all ages. 

Lately, many people are looking towards tricycling as an alternative exercise medium because of benefits like overall muscular toning, improved mood, and reduced heart issues. The folding three-wheel bike is a perfect exercise machine that can promote your health and improve your fitness. 

Types of Foldable Tricycles for Adults

There are different types of foldable tricycles, the right choice depends on individual preference, need for the tricycle, and financial budget. This section discusses the best folding tricycle for adults, alongside the features and specifications, allowing you to make a choice. 

Folding Recumbent Tricycle with Suspension

The seats in the folding recumbent tricycle are positioned in a way that allows the rider to comfortably lie back and extend their feet in front. It gives a feeling of relaxation while cycling. 

This recumbent design is great for adults because of the extra comfort they get during riding. It is perfect for exercising the body and also relieving strains and tension in your back. In addition, the reclined nature of the seats promotes the aerodynamics of the vehicle allowing you to reach faster speed easily.

The Entry-level folding suspension recumbent trike by Motrike is highly recommended. This folding electric tricycle for adults is made of a durable carbon steel frame that ensures durability while being foldable. This Motrike recumbent trike offers 3 different adjustable positions to fit perfectly different riders of different heights.

Folding Upright Tricycle

A folding upright tricycle looks exactly as it sounds. It has an upright seat position for the rider, which is way different from the recumbent’s reclined position. These tricycles are designed like regular bicycles, but the difference is they come with three wheels. 

Since they are upright, riding is easy as you just need to employ the same bicycle riding techniques you know. Moreso, the upright position provides you with a better vicinity of the city, mountain, or coast. The foldable electric trike for adults offers great stability during riding and can even be controlled by people with little to no experience.

Folding Cargo Tricycle

The folding cargo tricycle is another special tricycle that offers multiple uses that range from commuting to transporting cargo or goods without jeopardizing your convenience. These kinds of bicycles are known for their spaciousness and sturdiness. 

They allow fit as many cargoes as possible and the sturdy design coupled with its unique folding mechanism makes it the number one choice for travelers, business owners, and anyone looking for a tricycle that guarantees space. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Folding Adult Trike

There are various foldable tricycle specifications in today’s market. This often confuses many, especially beginners, on what design to get. This section discusses some important factors of the best folding tricycle for adults. This allows you to discern the features to consider when choosing a folding adult trike. 

Folding Mechanism

At different times, transporting the trike might become necessary, this is why a trike should be chosen bearing that in mind. Before choosing any of these bike options, it is important to know the folding mechanisms of the bike. Folding mechanisms make it easier to transport the trike easily even with a small trunk space. 

There are different kinds of folding mechanisms in foldable tricycles and they range from frame folding, handlebar folding, and seat folding. 

Frame folding is the commonest kind of folding mechanism seen in foldable tricycles and it involves the frame to transform it into a compact size. Upon triggering the button or locking and releasing special latches, the hinges and joints collapse at different points which allows you to fold it. 

Frame Material and Durability

Tricycle frames are made with different materials like steel, carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium, and other composite materials. Titanium is often known as the more durable frame material, but it can be quite expensive. Carbon fiber comes close in terms of durability, it is lightweight and durable. 

Moreso, some or all of the foldable tricycle parts can be made from carbon fiber. They are highly durable alloys that are light in weight, yet durable and stiff enough to withstand pressure. 

They are often used in the production of tricycles where weight saving is paramount and are also known to be a bit more pricey than other metals. Aluminum is also used because of its excellent strength, high durability, low weight, and easy malleability. 

Riding Comfort

How comfortable the user feels should be given thorough attention in an adult tricycle. Many tricycles are designed with certain features that improve comfort, it can be the seat placement, the type of suspension system in use, or supporting components minted on the tricycle. Riding on an adult tricycle should be more relaxing and comfortable.

To ensure riding comfort, many tricycles have an ergonomic design that employs geometry to properly position every component. And streamlines different components to different individual needs. Adult tricycles should be chosen based on the level of comfort they will provide for the rider.

The wheel and tire size should also be considered for the comfort they give. As stated earlier, bigger wheels and tires give better stability. The wider the wheel and tires, the stronger the stability and absorption, allowing the adult rider to have a comfortable ride.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity refers to the highest weight a tricycle can comfortably carry without breaking down. It differs from one design to another and from one manufacturer to another. The weight capacity is often highlighted in the tricycle specifications. 

The weight capacity of a folding adult tricycle is important especially if the rider would be using the trike to transport cargoes or camping equipment at different times. For users with cargo needs, a trike with a strong frame made from carbon steel or other durable material is needed. Fragile frames or less durable metals and alloys can carve in when they are loaded beyond their weight capacity.

Solar Power Recumbent Trike
Source: Solar Power Recumbent Trike

Wheel Size and Tires

The wheel size and tires are important factors to consider before choosing a foldable tricycle for an adult. Larger wheel sizes give the trike more stability, and can easily roll over obstacles. On the other hand, riding in rough terrain can be a little difficult with small wheel trikes. But smaller wheels and tires make the folding tricycle portable.

The wheel size and type depend on the manufacturer, the design in mind, the tricycle types, and its specific use. Also, the average wheel size ranges from 15 inches to 27 inches and can come as pneumatic tires or normal tires.

The tire patterns are often overlooked features people watch off. Yet, they influence how you move on different surfaces. Tires with complex patterns offer better friction and are suited for riding on untarred, rough, and gravel-filled terrains while smoother tire patterns are perfect for riding in urbanized areas with tarred roads, ensuring your folding adult trike glides as you move. 

Entry-Level Fat Tire Recumbent Trike
Source: Entry-Level Fat Tire Recumbent Trike

Braking System

The braking system of your desired foldable bicycle should be of major concern to you as it is important for your overall safety. Different brake types can be found in foldable bicycles and they include rim brakes, caliper brakes, disc brakes, and drum brakes. 

The rim brakes are common and they work whenever the pressure is mounted to the wheel’s rims. They offer maximum halting power and are generally less effective in muddy terrains. Disc brakes are becoming more popular for their efficiency in stopping a tricycle. They show better durability and efficiency than rim brakes and work efficiently even on muddy roads. 

The drum brakes are a unique brake system embedded in the wheels and are activated by pressing the brakes. They are extremely durable and are not affected by mud, however, their stopping power is lower and may often require two or more brakes to halt a foldable tricycle.


While the aforementioned features are important factors, your budget or our heading power often determines what kind of folding three-wheel bike to get. People would want tricycles with the best exterior design, power brakes, large wheels, and comfortable seats. 

However, the better the quality, the more pricey they can get. Hence, it’s best to start selecting the best tricycles within your budget or lower, and also highlight which features you are willing to compromise. 

Recommended Foldable Electric Trike for Adults 

The electric-powered trike is most suitable for adults as it saves them from burning more energy pedaling a non-electric trike. Extremely foldable recumbent trikes, entry-level basic recumbent trikes, front-loading electric cargo bikes for family, and foldable electric cruiser tricycles, are among the best folding tricycle for adults to choose from. 

Extremely Folding Recumbent Trike

Motrike’s extremely folding recumbent trike comes first on our list of recommended foldable electric trikes for adults. One of this trike’s exceptional features is the foldable high-quality carbon steel frame that transforms the large tricycle to a smaller size for easy transportation.

In addition, it has an adjustable mesh seat that can be set into three different positions to allow for better comfort and a snug fit. 

suspension recumbent trike
Source: Entry-level folding suspension recumbent trike

Motrike’s folding recumbent folding electric tricycle for adults is perfect for riding on rough pathways because of the rear suspension system that absorbs shock and pressure to guarantee a smooth ride on all surfaces. The trike uses the famous Shimano 3×8 wide gear range with varying speeds that allow you to move fast or slow. 

When you make a purchase, the trike comes with free accessories such as the comfortable headrest that cushions your neck and head, mirrors for increased flexibility, fenders for protection, and a cute flag. The Motrike’s M-009 Entry-level folding suspension recumbent trike is perfect for short-distance commuting, long-distance traveling, and exercising.

Entry-Level Basic Recumbent Trike

M-010E entry-level recumbent trike is recommended for new tricyclists. It is specially designed to help beginners transition into better cyclists. It is easy to maneuver and control. Like the entry-level folding suspension recumbent trike, it has a foldable steel frame that can withstand tonnes of weight and an ergonomic seat with a confirmable cushion that provides comfort as you ride. 

Entry-level Basic Recumbent Trike
Source: Entry-level Basic Recumbent Trike

It has the Shimano 3×8 wide-range gear with varying speed levels and high stopping power BB5 disc brakes. It also comes along with accessories and is perfect for those who are looking to get a quality tricycle without breaking the bank.

Front Loading Electric Cargo Bike for Family

This front-loading electric cargo bike for a family is a cargo bike with front wheels that are slightly inclined to ensure stability during the ride. The tricycles are designed to ensure stability between the rider and the attached cargo box, hence they automatically lean to the side during sharp turns. 

The attached cargo box provides enough room for small kids and heavy cargo boxes and can carry approximately 150kg. In addition, the cargo has stirrups that make it easy for kids to onboard themselves. It also has a head and tail light that illuminates the pathway at night.

Foldable Electric Cruiser Tricycle

This foldable electric cruiser tricycle is a powerful tricycle that comes with a 750w motor and 48v lithium battery. It employs a manual system of pedaling, allowing you to move smoothly on both rough and smooth roads. 

Its fat tires are 4 inches wide with 24 inches of front wheel rolls, making it perfect for on- and off-road duties. Concerning space, it comes with a front and rear compartment that allows the storage of mini cargoes and the double suspension serves as a shock absorber to facilitate smooth driving.

SYTH Adult Folding Tricycle

The SYTH adult folding tricycle is a three-wheeled tricycle with a shopping basket and back seat. It has 16-Inch trike wheels and is made from high-hardness carbon steel with aluminum alloy rims. 

It has a solid steel shaft design that makes riding stable and safe, plus the non-slip and wear-resistant tire prevents slippage. It has adjustable handles and sensitive dual brakes (front caliper brakes and rear lock brakes) that provide maximum stopping power. 

Afreda S6 Electric Tricycle Bike

The Afreda S6 Electric Tricycle Bike tricycle is a 500W, 48V 15.6Ah tricycle with a maximum speed range of 30-45km/h and a riding range of 50-60 km. It has a unique balanced Hydraulic Disc Brake (HDB) that applies balanced and equal force to the rotors. 

It also has a power shock absorber so that you can ride easily without steering off the road. The tricycle also comes with a dual battery to ensure you are in transit for a long time. Like the other tricycles listed here, it is foldable and has a special tail wheel that ensures balance once folded. 

MOPHOTO Adult Folding Tricycle

The MOPHOTO adult folding tricycle is a three-wheeled bike that comes in 3 different sizes. The smallest, which is the 20″ wheel is suitable for riders between the height range of 4’8″ – 5’5″; the 24″ wheel is suitable for riders between the height range of 4’11” – 5’9″; the 26″ wheel is suitable for rider height: 5’3″ – 6’2″. 

It has a maximum load capacity of 250 pounds and prides itself as a 7-speed tricycle. It is easily foldable as a quick twist and pull at the release lever folds your bicycle into half. It also has a large rear basket that allows you to conveniently carry things.

Get Quality Folding Electric Tricycle for Adults

Are you looking for where to get a quality electric tricycle for adults? This section provides detailed information about a trusted folding electric tricycle manufacturer in China that offers high-quality and durable trike to millions of people all around the world. 

Stability and Safety

Motrike is a leading manufacturer of stable and safe foldable electric tricycles. They have trikes being used all around the world and have thus, made themselves the preferred trike company by business personnel all around the world. Each tricycle is made with a strong, sturdy material like steel, which makes them extremely durable against harsh environmental conditions. 

Motrike logo
Source: Motrike

The trikes have been tested repeatedly and have been perfected to ensure the rider’s safety while commuting. Whether you are riding in rough, undulating terrains in a rural area, or paved roadways in the urban land, our Motrike is perfect for you. 

Efficient Electric Motor

Each Motrike electric engine/motor produced has undergone several tests to ensure they work efficiently under several conditions. The tests help us understand the limitations of our Motrikes, allowing us to improve and update them to newer models that can stand the test of time.


Motrike products top the list of highly recommended folding tricycles for adults. The extremely folding recumbent trike and entry-level basic recumbent trikes are lightweight and can be easy to transport to different places when they will be used. In addition, they are safe to use and do not pose any danger to the users. Instead, they are built for the enjoyment of both beginners and expert trike riders.

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