Cargo Trike – Perfect City Cargo Bike Delivery Solution


The Motrike Cargo Trike is created specifically to handle the demands of city cargo transportation. With an impressive payload capacity, incredible maneuvering, and a low cost of ownership, the Cargo Trike offers a very cost-effective alternative for so many businesses needs today.

It is usually equipped with electric assist, which is the same as on a regular electric-assisted bicycle. The maximum speed is limited to 25 km/h.

Delivery companies can use cargo trikes instead of trucks is an absolute good in a city mired in congestion, pollution, and carnage.

Millions of packages are delivered in the city every day — most by truckers, whose vehicles cause a disproportionate amount of congestion. Deliveries by fully-loaded cargo bikes capable of easily transporting 300 pounds of goods can reduce the numbers of trucks on our roads.

Besides, the Cargo Trike provides a level of flexibility and energy efficiency and offers last-mile delivery that vans and trucks just can’t match.

Here is one of Motrike customers, the bring-express company bought some cargo trikes for the last mile delivery. They replace the truck with it.

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