Eight Essential Tips for Surrey Bike Maintenance

  1. 1. Degrease the drivetrain.
    Cut an old water bottle in half to hold the degreaser and keep it in the bottle cage for easy access. Use a small brush to apply to all sides of the chain, chainrings, cassette, and derailleurs to rinse off the degreaser
  1. 2. Wash the frame & wheels.
    Put together a cleaning kit of a bucket, soap, and brushes and wash the frame and wheels.
  1. 3. Inspect the frame for damage.
    Inspect the frame for any cracks, dents, or damage that may have occurred during past riding. Be sure to check often overlooked areas like underneath the downtube, bottom bracket, and seat stays. Check cable rub at the head tube, and apply frame protector stickers if necessary.
  2. 4. Inspect wheels for roundness.
    Inspect the wheels for trueness and roundness. This can be done on the bike, eyeing the wheel relative to the brake pads, or by using a truing stand. Check spoke tension by hand, looking and listening for loose, under-tensioned spokes.
  3. 5. Check tires for tread & sidewall damage.
    Check your tires for tread and sidewall damage, and make sure there is no debris in the tread.
  1. 6. Check bolts for proper tightness.
    Check all bolts for proper tightness, using a torque wrench and following the manufacturer’s specs.
  2. 7. Run through shifting and breaking.
    Run through the shifting and braking, making sure gear shifts are crisp and accurate, and brakes are balanced and have the desired amount of lever feel.
  1. 8. Lube your chain.
    Lube your chain with a product ideal for your riding conditions.

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