How to Play TrikExplor Recumbent Quads?


Now TrikExplor developed 5 models of 4 wheels recumbent quad. Here we want to talk about fat tire recumbent quads, introduce new applications with fat quads for hunting and fishing

As you know, the fat tire bikes are made to float over snow, sand, tall grass, and other untamed terrains and e-bikes can reduce physical effort and body scent from sweating that animals might detect. So the electric fat bike is very popular for people into the backcountry, mountain, beach, snow, alongside the river and for hunting and fishing.

Now we want to say 4 wheels electric fat bike with horizon seat make you love to hunt or fish more.

1. 4 wheel bike can eliminate your worry about carrying guns, bows, fishing rods, and camping equipment

2. 4 wheels mean excellent mobility, conquer the muddy road, ice road and snow road freely.

3. No worry about balance, no age required.

4. The recumbent cycle lets you sit in a lower position so that you will not be seen by your prey easily.

5. You can be on your bike directly and with a comfortable seat during waiting for your prey or fishing.

Let’s see which model is suitable for you!

1. F426E

  • 4WD, conquer all terrains, amazing climbing ability
  • 26×4.8inch fat tires
  • Dual adjustable suspensions
  • 18t front crank, amazing climbing ability

2. F420E

  • 20X4.0inch fat tires
  • Large carrier
  • Dual adjustable suspensions
  • Cool completer lights system
  • 4WD system is optional for charge

3. 424E

  • 4WD, conquer all terrains, amazing climbing ability
  • 24X1.95 mountain tire, can be wider tires.
  • Large carrier
  • Dual adjustable suspensions
  • Cool complete lights system

Check to more details in the videos, click here

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