How to spend less money on finding the right trike for you


If you are seriously working to switch from two wheels to an entry-level recumbent trike, My experience can give you some advice on how to find the right trike for you and, most importantly, spend less money!

Test ride a lot of different ones in your local store, see which ones you like best, and then search for them used. FB marketplace and Craigslist are good places to start.

If there is no store in your local, Search the recumbent brand on Google and check the FB related posts as much as you can, Usually 4-5 brands from high end to entry level is enough. Online purchase is a good choice during the Covid-19..

I bought my first trike – China brand Motrike M009 – off the FB marketplace. It is a nice trike. I was very content with this trike for months until I got better and stronger at cycling and wanted more gearing at both the low end to climb hills better, and the high end to go faster on flats. Even though the Motrike M009 is considered a ‘low end’ trike, it served my needs and was sturdy and rugged.

When you make a choice for your ride you will be faced with many more options which will depend on how you intend to use it.

City riding? Rural? Off road? Flat terrain or hills? What range do you think you will need? (Double it).

What kind of motor will be best if you want an e assist trike? Straight hub, geared hub, mid-drive? which Brand?

I went through all this. Long story short, learn what you can see what you like and what fits.

A year later I ordered another Motrike custom trike with 750w Bafang mid-drive, 48v 20ah battery, it is strong enough to get up the hills between home and town. the setup that I really like. it is my daily driver now.

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