Learn TrikExplor F426E 4WD recumbent quad


Ergo-mesh seat

The Ergo-mesh seat is designed to provide optimum back support. The cover features breathable fabrics to maximize airflow while cushioning in the base and side bolsters enhances comfort.

Natural handing

An optimized cruciform and one-piece handlebar provide stability and nimble handling no matter what the speed.

Rugged performance

A high cruciform and four 26” wheels gives excellent ground clearance over rugged terrain.

Unique design brake levers

The rear brakes are linked and the front brakes are independent. With our unique design brake levers, you can control 4 brakes simply and easily.

Quite large torque

The quad has a small 18T crankset and a large freewheel (max. chainring 42T). With the minimum gear ratio 18:42, you can obtain a quite large torque. It provides you a strong power when climbing steep hills even no electric assistance.

Superior transmission system

The two-stage transmission system minimizes the component size and provides efficient working. Meanwhile, it reduces the tension to maximize chain life.

Double chamber air suspension

Two rear air suspensions can be optimized by simply adjusting, which delivers ultimate stability and predictable handling. Thus, you can enjoy complete comfort on rough trails.

Unique design transfer case

The transfer case divide the power to all four wheels to provide more tractions so the quad can get out of a tricky situation. It ensures one  wheel to keep turning even if slip occurs on the other wheel. Meanwhile, it can drive a pair of wheels while allowing them to rotate at  different speeds when turning a corner.

Switch between 4WD and 2WD

The quad has power to all four wheels all the time. It offers great traction on pavement and rough roads. Meanwhile, it allows you to switch between 4WD and 2WD. This perfectly caters to your special needs on different terrains

Amazing electric motor

The custom-made motor is with a large transmission wheel, which makes it in a heavy-hitting style. The high torque motor assists you to conquer all challenging terrains. It makes steep climbs become less daunting.  Meanwhile, the motor has no resistance when you do not need it.

High position electric kits

The motor, controller, battery and connectors are mounted on high position (over 70 cm ground clearance), in case of water infusion when crossing stream and river.


203 mm front brake rotor Self-locking pedal

multifunctional headlights and tail lights swinging rear rack


1. Q: Do you offer non-electric quad?

    A: The quad is designed for off-road. With the assistance of an electric motor, it has the ability to conquer all challenging terrains. You are freed up to have explore and enjoy. That’s why we offer the quad with an electric motor as standard.

2. Q: Can I get stronger motor?

     A: Our customized motor could be merged with the transmission of the quad perfectly and perform excellent climbing capacity. If you seek a stronger motor, we can fit an additional 48v 500w mid-drive motor.

3. Q: What is the top speed and range?

     A: With e-assist, the top speed is up to 30 km/h on the flat and the range is around 50 km. If you will be riding it into some pretty remote regions, we suggest you buying an extra battery.

4. Q: Do you offer the quad with full suspension?

    A:  The quad is with two rear suspensions. The four 26×4.8 inch large volume, low pressure tires give excellent float and traction over soft ground and bumpy trails.

5. Q: Does the motor have the pedal assist mode?     

A: The motor doesn’t have the pedal-assist mode. It only offers electric drive mode, which is operated by a throttle

6. Q: Can I have a large or triple chainset?

     A: The climbing capacity depends on the gear ratio. Small gear ratio means high climbing capacity. So we fit a quite small chainring with 18T. The gear ratio is up to 0.42 (18/42). The other chainset can’t realize it.

7. Q: What’s the loading capacity and recommended height of the quad?

     A: The loading capacity is 150 kg, and the recommended height is 175 cm to 200 cm. If you are shorter, we can provide you a seat adaptor.

8. Q: Do you offer the mudguards?

     A: We don’t offer the mudguards. Without the mudguards, the quad provides better flexibility and trafficability.

9. Q: Can the quad have the storage rack like F420E or 424E?

    A: Since the motor is mounted at the back of the quad, there is no space to fit the storage rack again.

10. Q: Does it ship assembled?

       A: The quad comes 95% assembled. You only need to assemble the seat and two rear wheels after receiving it.

11. Q: What’s the warranty item?

      A: We provide 10 years warranty for the frame, 2 years warranty for the motor and 1-year warranty for the battery and other components

12. Q: Do you sell replacement parts for these two models in case I break something here in the USA?

      A: We sell the replacement parts. We do inventory for the replacement parts according to the sales volume, so that we can ensure fast delivery to you.

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