Motrike Tandem Recumbent Trike Feedback

  1. 1. the trike has high-quality parts included.
  2. 2. it is a heavy/large item, took some time to arrive.
  3. 3. it arrived in a good wooden container undamaged.
  4. 4. trike 40% complete, must have mechanical/technical ability to set up or use a professional.
  5. 5. made some minor adjustments to seating and handlebar angles.
  6. 6. trike handled well even on the first ride, vehicle weight with passengers around 550lbs, hard to believe trike ran up and down hills with no problem. tested on very steep hills, gearing works well from climbing to open road.
  7. 7. we love the independent pedal system for both pilot and stoker.
  8. 8. plenty of batteries to go 50 miles have not put to the full test yet.
  9. 9. unit has a thumb throttle which is very helpful to get started through intersections.
  10. 10. well-lit LCD display. Overall, we love the trike! Lots of fun! If I could I would order more for friends. Lisa at Motrike was very helpful and even personally called me to make sure the trike arrived Okay. Thank you, Lisa and TEAM!

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