Motrike Team Fleet Trip During The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival


On the Mid-Autumn day, we Motrike organized one short trip, fleet riding. Based on each person’s height, weight, and ability features, we chose the right model for ourselves, Motrike fleet was formed!

Frank is with TrikExplor F420E, (Bafang 48v 500watt mid-motor, Shimano 9 speeds, 20×4.0’’kenda brand) as he loves the fat wheels, and has better riding skills. When we were riding together, he deliberately rode on rugged terrains to show off his riding skills and fat quad. 20×4.0’’Fat tires offer more aggressive traction than cruisers and road bikes, so Frank can move over gravel, snow, soft soil, sand or other bumpy trails without getting stuck or slipping. Meanwhile, the electric motor helps him run faster.

Kris is with TrikExplor 420E (Bafang 48v 500watt mid-motor, Shimano 9 speeds, 20×1.5’’ Schwalbe brand) because he wants to get the speed. With four wheels, he can get excellent stability and comfort while riding fast., In fact, 420E is lightweight and easy to pedal, though it is a quad. With pedal assistance, it is very fast to speed up. The speed can be 30km/h in 10 seconds. He really enjoyed this speedy and stable riding with 420E

Lisa is with TrikExplor H420E (Bafang 48v 500watt mid-motor, Shimano 9 speeds, 20×1.5’’ Schwalbe brand, Wind fairing, UV resistant roof, bags) as she thinks the design is very beautiful and fashion. Meanwhile, She prefers a better view while riding. So H420E was her choice. H420E with a higher seat and handlebar exactly gives her a fabulous unobstructed view during this traveling. And H420E with a high handlebar gives her easy and smooth steering, which is very helpful for her as a fresher.

Emmy is with TrikExplor M320. (Bafang 36v 250watt mid-motor, Shimano 10 speeds, 20×1.35’’ Schwalbe brand)She is lower and thinner, so the M320 among these 4 models is fitted on her. What’s more M320 is lighter and with smooth hubs, so she got smoothing and easy riding.

We rode about 20km, came to a flat meadow, we decided to have a rest. Everyone took out their foods and snakes on the carrier. So we sat down for lunch and eating the moon cake.(It is a Chinese bakery product traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival.) After lunch, someone got a rest on the seat. Someone lay on the meadow. That is a very interesting and meaningful trip.

We are looking forwarding for next trip, will share with you!

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