My Experience on Recumbent Quad Riding


I got my TrikExplor F420 three months ago. I had been riding 3 wheeled Sun Recumbents in past years. On my first ride of the quad, I was thrilled about it is being lighter and easier going uphill. I didn’t mind being so low to the ground. I realized that I didn’t go as far in the same 1.5 hours, meanwhile, your face will be sore from smiling so much.

I had four strong impressions:

1. The quad is low to the ground. (It’s an odd feeling to have a car drive by, look over and realize I’m at hubcap level.)

2. This quad is super nuanced. (The steering is so responsive I sometimes feel I can think my way around corners.)

3. This thing is wicked fast! (Wish I had known about the thing before! Thanks Youtube or we never would have known! .)

4. how nice to have a comfortable seat to sit in when we stop to take in the sights or have a snack!

Much love for my TrikExplor F420..Wow! This is fun!

Usually, I rode it on my local rail/trail that is crushed limestone. I had ridden the trail all summer on my recumbent quad and I was enjoying riding on a regular basis because I was having some balance issues. Riding the F420 on the road was a lot different than the on rail/trail. The first few miles were spent trying to figure out how to position the F420 for the most comfortable ride. Discovered that having 4 tires riding was easier than 3. It didn’t take very long to have it all figured out, however, and then I proceeded to just sit back and enjoy the ride. Now the steering and positioning are natural and I rarely have to think about it. Best decision I ever made. Have enjoyed many miles of quad riding since August.

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