My First 4×4 Quad Bike


I’m a news anchor and a travel enthusiast. In my spare time, I like driving my pickup truck and RV to travel around to experience the beautiful nature and relax. I’ve been to grasslands, deserts, deep mountains. 

But there are so many places I can’t reach by car that I’m fascinated by, and I’m desperate to find a way to get there easily, even on rough and narrow roads. I came across a stunning YouTube video of a four-wheel-drive recumbent quad that takes riders up and down steps, across riverbeds, over mud and rocks, so free. It fit my needs perfectly and I immediately decided to look for the manufacturer to buy one.

I searched on the internet and found the Motrike website and Trikexplor ( website and their Alibaba store. Talked a lot with Monica and she was very professional and helped me with many of my questions. I was lucky because they had the frame and parts in stock and I was able to pick up the quad shortly after placing my order. I drove my pickup truck to their factory. The designer is a very thoughtful guy and he told me a lot about how to use and play with the 4WD recumbent quad, which I was very interested and benefited from.

Picking up my quad

Now I can’t wait to ride my 4WD recumbent quad to experience different terrains and fulfill my years of desire. I’ll follow up with more photos and riding experiences for you guys as well!

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