My Impressions on TrikExplor F326 Fat Tire Recumbent Trike


Here are my impressions/review of my purchase:


After much planing and research I settled on purchasing the F326E offering from Trikexplor as my first trike / e-bike. This trike offered the features I was looking for with the low riding position(and center of gravity) I desired at a price I was willing to pay. After making arrangements to make the purchase with a helpful representative, I just needed to wait for delivery.

A few weeks later 2 boxes arrived and I found the bike parts well wrapped and protected, a separate smaller 3rd box with the battery had arrived a couple of weeks prior, containing the battery. As this was my first trike and e-bike, assembly of the bike was a bit daunting for me.


However – using the videos on you-tube Motrike/Trikexplor has posted, the various pictures I could find of the model I purchased,  along with my basic bike maintenance experience, some help from the representative, and the excellent, strategically set, pre-assembly work done at the factory, I’ve managed to get a fully functional trike.

The bike functions exactly as I expected to, is very comfortable to ride and even though there is no conventional bike suspension, the fat tires and the large rubber bushing supporting the seat offer a fairly compliant ride.
Although my time with this product has been short, my impressions are it is well designed and built and I suspect it will be a durable bike. It’s fun to ride and when I look at what other trikes are out there and some of their astronomical prices, I’m left feeling the price point on this trike is fitting, if not a flat-out great deal.

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