Top 8 Recumbent Trike Manufacturers [Updated]


Getting recumbent trikes from one of the top recumbent trike manufacturers will guarantee that the product will meet up with the required standards. Top brands like Motrike have a history of delivering the best quality tandem trike, delta trikes, and tadpole trikes. 

Going through the list of countless recumbent trike brands we have in the world can be exhausting, this article will help streamline your search to the top 8 recumbent tricycle brands and their products.

Motrike Delta Trike
Source: Motrike Delta Trike

Top 8 Recumbent Trike Manufacturer

The list of the top 8 recumbent trike brands has been carefully selected to include recumbent trike brands that have a history of producing exceptional trike in different parts of the world. On this list are: Motrike, Sunseeker, Terratrike, Catrike, Trident Trike, ICE trikes, HP Velotechnik, and GreenSpeed trikes.

1. Motrike

Founded: 2003

Location: China

Motrike is one of the leading recumbent trike manufacturers in the world. They have their manufacturing plant located in China, and warehouses in different parts of Europe, and the US. Motrike specializes in manufacturing different types of recumbent trikes, quadricycles, rickshaws, and cargo trikes.

Since they began mass production in 2004, Motrike has been producing environment-friendly and innovative recumbent trikes. The brand has the aim of reducing its carbon footprint in the environment and using high-quality sustainable materials like carbon steel frames in the production of its recumbent trikes. 

Motrike logo
Source: Motrike

To give maximum comfort and an enjoyable ride, this recumbent trike manufacturer uses a carbon steel frame that gives a shock absorber effect to the trike, the seat is also made with nylon mesh that can absorb road shocks. In addition, the trikes have adjustable headrests for maximum comfort while riding. 

Motrike recumbent trikes include:

2. Sunseeker

Founded: 1990

Location: Miami, FL

Sunseeker Trikes is one of the top recumbent trike brands in the US. They have a large selection of recumbent trikes available with different models and styles. Sunseeker trikes are built with special attention to the looks, and performance. They perform brilliantly and flawlessly, in addition, they require very little maintenance and are easy to operate. 

During production, Sunseeker trikes ensures that its products meet the required quality standard and ensure design optimization without sacrificing performance and reliability. 

Sunseeker logo
Source: Sunseeker

Sunseeker recumbent trike products include:

  • Long wheelbase
  • Delta trikes
  • Tadpole trikes

3. TerraTrike

Founded: 1996

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

TerraTrike was founded in 1996 by two lifelong friends, Jack and Wayne. TerraTrike has progressed from two-man merchandise to include a team of individuals that produce high-quality trikes for the general public. 

The company is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is one of the recumbent trike manufacturers that employ spur creativity and innovation to manufacture and rapidly sell their expanding line of trikes that aim to make commuting more fun and inspire riders to exercise.

Customization is possible with TerraTrike. Buyers can modify their trikes to suit their tastes and also choose multiple drivetrain configurations, seat options, frame colors, and accessories like racks, fenders, and lights. 

Terratrike logo
Source: Terratrike

Terratrike recumbent trikes include:

  • All-terrain 
  • Charge
  • E.V.O

4. Catrike


Location: Orlando, Florida, United States

Catrike is among the popular tricycle brands in the world, this company was founded by Paulo Camasmie, a mechanical engineer from Brazil, in 1999. He built the company to realize his lifelong passion for creating, developing, and producing superior-quality recumbent trikes that would enhance the lives of others. 

Catrike employs a unique production process that ensures quality from start to finish. They take into account the essence of the rider’s center of gravity and its relation to the wheelbase and wheel track. This helps trike motorcycle manufacturers build a suitable recumbent trike for their users.

Catrike logo
Soource: Catrike logo

Catrike recumbent trike models include:

  • Villager
  • Trail

5. Trident Trike

Founded: 2009

Location: Lincolnton, North Carolina, United States

Trident Trike is headquartered in Lincolnton, North Carolina, Trident Trikes is one of the leading trike motorcycle manufacturers in the United States. They produce some great selections of adult recumbent trikes with every component of each ride carefully selected to guarantee an excellent performing trike.

To ensure optimal communication and bridge the gap between every customer, they ensure their customer service is always reachable, and quick delivery to their customers is lightning fast. Trident Trike’s mission is to consistently outperform the customer’s expectations concerning quality and durability. 

Trident Trike logo
Source: Trident Trike

Trident trike products include:

  • Chameleon Converti-trike
  • T.W.I.G
  • Stowaway
  • Titan

6. ICE trikes

Founded: 1999

Location: Falmouth, England

Although Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE) Trikes began making recumbent tricycles in Falmouth, England in 1999, its roots go back to the 1986 release of the original Trike. They provide unique tricycle brands and each new design shows innovation and expertise.

Alongside, enhancing the comfort and functionality of each trike, ICE Trike is ISO-9001 certified, they build their trikes with care and consideration, ensuring that the entire apparatus functions flawlessly and efficiently. 

ICE trike logo
Source: ICE trike

ICE recumbent trikes include:

  • VTX
  • Full Fat
  • Adventure HD
  • Sprint X Tour

7. HP Velotechnik 

Founded: 1993

Location: Kapellenstr. 49, 65830 Kriftel, Germany

HP Velotechnik is among the trike manufacturers that have been developing a great selection of tricycles, recumbent trikes, and accessories. This brand was co-founded by Paul Hollants and Daniel Pulvermüller who met because of their shared love for cutting-edge bicycle technology. 

Their fully suspended cabin tricycle design won the JUTEC design competition of the Association of German Engineers.

This victory promoted the brand to the growth it now enjoyed. They moved from being a garage workshop to one of the best trike motorcycle manufacturers in Germany and entire Europe.

HP Velotechnik logo
Source: HP Velotechnik

HP Velotechnik recumbent trike series include:

  • Gekko series
  • Delta tx
  • Scorpion series

8. GreenSpeed Trikes

Founded: 1990

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Ian Sims founded GreenSpeed Trikes in 1990. Since then, GreenSpeed built a history of consistently delivering innovative recumbent trikes. They are recumbent trike manufacturers that provide trikes engineered for performance and comfort.

GreenSpeed redefined quality by introducing trikes that not only looked amazing but also performed better. WizWheelz, partnered with GreenSpeed, together these trikes builders offers warrants to the original owner of all GreenSpeed trike frames, seat frames, and steering components.

GreenSpeed logo
Source: GreenSpeed

Greenspeed recumbent trikes include:

  • Aero
  • GT20
  • Anura

Wrapping Up

When trying to choose recumbent trikes from one of the numerous trikes builders, products from the top recumbent trike brands should be considered because of the guaranteed satisfaction they give. Brands like Motrike have an exceptional range of recumbent trikes such as tadpole trikes, delta trikes, and tandem trikes. 

Contact us for more information on the different types of recumbent trikes, or information on any of our products.

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