Recumbent trike with Suspension or Rigid?


It appears that if you ask eight trike riders for an opinion you get eleven answers.

In my opinion, some of us ride the trike for pain. Some of us ride for pleasure. Depends on what you want to do, how you ride, and where. If you are into performance and speed, rigid is usually better since it is lighter, the steering is more responsive, and you don’t lose power from compressing the suspension. If you are looking for comfort, the suspension is the way to go. If you ride on unpaved trails, suspension and big tires are required.

I have ridden both. I have one trike Motrike M009 with rear suspension and the other one without. Sure seems like the non-suspension trike performs better. It feels like each revolution gives more torque, more power to the drive wheel. I have no scientific data to make this statement. Just my observation. Actually, I don’t see a need for full suspension if riding paved trails, the rear suspension is enough. my other Motrike F010 26″ fat trike and with the tires aired down to 8-18 PSI it rides almost like it has suspension, riding in the rugged trail is nice.

It depends on what you want your riding experience to be like the trike you choose and surface your riding on.

Someone want the suspension for certain. But remember there are trade offs as trikes with suspension tend to cost more, weigh more and add some degree of complexity. So take the time to really think about where your riding how you want to ride to decide if you really want/need suspension or not.

I am fortunate to be a healthy 75-year-old. I have been riding Trikes for 14 years. I have no need for partial or full suspension. My thought is: Ride whatever is most comfortable as long as you get out there and ride!

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