Some suggestion for people who want to convert their existing bike into an electric one


There is a huge increase in bicycle sales due to the Covid-19. Riding a bicycle is not only an effective way to maintain social distance and prevent cross-transmission of the Covid, but also a way to help people exercise and increase their resistance to the Covid.

However, for the elderly or people with injured legs who don’t have much strength in their legs, or for those in places where the roads are not so good, daily biking can be a problem. It’s obviously not cost-effective to buy another new bike. Besides, bicycle stores are in shortage supply of bicycles now, and it seems to take a long time to get a new one. So why not convert your existing bike into an electric one.

There are many ways to convert an existing bike into an electric bike. You can choose between a hub motor and a mid-drive motor. Hub motors are cheaper and lighter, but they are more difficult to convert as they are mounted on the rear or front wheel. It is more difficult for maintenance as taking off the wheel to change a flat tire.

The mid-drive motor is more expensive, but the power is relatively strong, and it is easy to install and maintain. Which brand motor would you choose if you want to convert your bike to an electric one? I would recommend Bafang motors. Here are some main advantages of the Bafang motor.

1. This entire system with controller and components is lighter than most other motor kits.

2. The good ability to use the gearing of the trike. So you can climb big hills in low gear or go fast in high gear.

3. A very good climber, even as an off-road climber

4. The controller is built into the motor which means it is a tighter system with fewer wires to hide.

5. The integrated pedal assist.

6. The bafang includes a nicely integrated dashboard and throttle.

Bafang is famous in Europe and America because of its perfect quality and after-sales service. Most of Trikexplor’s recumbent trikes and quads use Bafang mid-drive motors, and we have a different power for options. If you do not know how much power should choose, please check our blog Mid-Drive or Hub Motor – Which Should I Choose?

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