Benefits of Special Needs Tricycles: A Buyers Guide


If you’ll be recommending these special needs trike as a physician or looking into purchasing for someone, then this article is for you. This article will help you understand all you need to know about tricycles, especially if you need a variety of tricycles for different age brackets.

This will help you understand their various functions and the available types you can purchase.

By providing you with the numerous benefits of using special needs tricycles, as well as types of tricycles, you are able to make an informed decision on whichever you choose to go with, whether purchasing in bulk or single units.

The Benefits of Using Special Needs Tricycles

The benefits of using special needs tricycles are becoming endless, and are seen to affect not only the user’s physical, developmental, and intellectual well-being but have proven to be beneficial to those who are around them.

Benefits in Physical Development

Some of the physical benefits of using a disability trike for adults that have been noticed over time include;

  • Improve Motor Skills

The use of special needs tricycles to improve motor skills of people with disabilities is quite obvious, due to the constant practice of coordination and balance required for repetitive pedaling.

By providing a safe and controlled platform for riders to develop and practice, there is a significant improvement to the individual’s overall motor skills, muscle tone, and general body strength.

The sensory feedback from the bike is another advantage, as it helps to improve overall body awareness. With dependence being a major challenge for adults with special needs, these special needs trike help promote bilateral coordination and gross motor skills, if used regularly and in the conditions instructed.

  • Develop Muscle Strength

Another way special needs trikes benefit people with disabilities when in constant use, is by keeping your muscles active, resulting in the overall increase of their endurance.

Having a client, family member, or patient use a trike means you get to witness first-hand the development and strengthening of their muscle strength in their legs, core, and even upper body. 

  • Improve Cardiovascular Fitness

Whether a tricycle or bicycle, it’s no news that regular pedaling does wonders for your heart. Setting aside the physical effects riding a tricycle guarantees, it also helps your cardiovascular health a great deal, reducing risks of diseases as well as strengthening your lungs. 

This constant physical activity is bound to increase your heart rate, improving your heart and lung function, and resulting in increased blood flow and oxygenation.

  • Develop a Good Balance

Riding 3-wheel bikes for special needs, such as tricycles, can help users develop a good sense of balance. The presence of three wheels provides enhanced stability, reducing the risk of falls and instilling confidence in riders.

By engaging in regular cycling sessions, users can gradually improve their core strength, coordination, and proprioception, all of which are essential components of balance. 

The act of pedaling, steering, and maintaining an upright position on a tricycle requires constant adjustments and body awareness, promoting the development of balance skills over time. 

2.2 Benefits of Social Interaction

The overall improvement in people’s health using tricycles for adults with disabilities also extends to their social interaction in different ways. Some of these ways include;

  • Improve Communication and Social Skills

Recently, there have also been notable opportunities for children with disabilities to interact with each other through fun and all-inclusive activities. Adults are not left out, as people with 3-wheel bikes for special needs can also engage in races, games, and other activities in healthy competition.

Beginning with human contact, which is very instrumental to general improvements, family and loved ones, social engagements, and healthy communication are all good ways people with special needs can improve their social needs.

Finish line of a tricycle race
Source: Motrike
  • Maintain a Positive Mood

Being healthy, feeling fit, as well as being independent are all things that come with good health which luckily, a special needs trike is aimed at achieving. Organizing fun which is enjoyable for adults with special needs, and keeping them engaged and entertained is no bad idea at all. 

These activities can help them maintain a positive mood. With these special needs traits helping them look forward to getting better, and having loved ones around them, maintaining a healthy positive mood will come easily. 

  • Promote Awareness of Equal Participation

With tricycles for adults with disabilities, the main aim is to try as much as possible to breach the gap these individuals face due to their disability.

Using a special needs trike provides a level of equal participation as the advanced features help them carry out most of the activities that they wouldn’t usually do due to their special needs. 

These tricycles bridging this gap, promote awareness of the endless possibilities yet to be achieved, and how equal participation can be achieved, through proper methods. With more people using these tricycles for adults with disabilities, it should be able to create the necessary awareness, for a more inclusive and accepting society.

2.3 Benefits of Cognitive Functions

Some benefits that have been noticed with patient’s cognitive functions include:

  • Enhance Sense of Direction

Providing stability and safety is an important factor, especially for people with disabilities. Special features such as adjustable seats and handlebars, large wheels for increased maneuverability, etc., are typical examples of features that help bring this to reality. 

With these features put in place, it not only allows for a smooth transition into use but also provides them with a stable and secure platform for them to explore their environment without harm.

With the constant honing of their spatial awareness, coordination, and balance, they are able to improve and master their sense of direction over time. 

  • Maintain Concentration

Operating a special needs tricycle for adults can help individuals maintain concentration, as riding a tricycle is a hand on as well as leg activity. 

This activity comes in handy, for individuals who usually lack concentration, as customizable features such as bells and horns can be added specially to their bikes. Using these features over time, they can learn to adapt, and possibly function even without them.

  • Help Regulate Mood

Mood regulation is one of the numerous subtle rewards of riding a special needs trike. With the activity of riding itself is fun, there’s no question as to if it is enjoyable. But it doesn’t stop at just the physical activity, with pedaling being a physical exercise; it also affects some systems in the body. 

Endorphins, for example, which is a chemical your body releases during these exercises leave you feeling happy and fulfilled. This implies that pedaling, a rather uneventful routine leaves you as happy as you would be when you’re eating, or receiving a massage.

3. Factors to Consider When Buying Tricycles for Adults with Disabilities

When looking to purchase a tricycle for adults with disabilities, as with all worthy investments, you should consider several important factors. These considerations cut across purpose, fit, functionality, cost, etc., all of which are very important.

With the delicate and important nature of the trikes in question, if you must buy you might as well do it right. 

3.1 Physical Condition of the User

The physical condition of the user is an important factor to consider when purchasing tricycles for adults with disabilities. Different tricycles are designed to accommodate varying physical abilities.

Factors such as strength, range of motion, and coordination should be evaluated to ensure the tricycle is suitable for the individual’s needs. 

For example, individuals with limited leg strength may benefit from tricycles with electric-assist features. Assessing the user’s posture, balance, and overall mobility will guide the selection of tricycle features like seat adjustments, handlebar design, and stability enhancements.

Taking the user’s physical condition into account ensures optimal comfort, safety, and enjoyment while riding the tricycle.

3.2 Support Provided by the Frame

Secondly, The comfort of using a special needs trike is paramount when buying tricycles for adults with disabilities. While we hope people that use trikes find it fun and enjoyable, it isn’t worn for fun.

What this means is that you’ll have to consider the comfortability, and support these tricycles are capable of providing before making any purchase. The support provided by the frame is one of those important features. 

Considering the frame is what ensures the design, whether custom or generic, is designed to accommodate the weight and size of the user. Furthermore, this will ensure durability, while avoiding wobbling and ensuring longevity of whichever trike you decide to go for.

Motrike Pedicab
source: Motirke Pedicab

3.3 Stability Features

Thirdly, you would agree that when buying tricycles for adults with disabilities, stability features like user-friendly controls, smooth steering, and intuitive operation are of utmost importance.

These special needs trike are charged with helping people who depend on them, so all of its features should in one way or the other reflect these special stability features. 

These features are not taken lightly at Motrike, as the brand understands the ease and confidence of using user-friendly, smooth steering controls can be. Its intuitive operation feature is another edge it has over other manufacturers, taking stability features up a notch.

All of these features are to guarantee a smooth and easy use and it has proven to be effective.

3.4 Ease of Use

Depending on who the tricycles are for, ensuring they are capable of handling the control systems won’t hurt. This is important so that you don’t force them to learn something complicated when they are easier and more enjoyable alternatives.

Beyond controls, other details like getting off and on, etc. are thoughts toward the right direction.

Motrike Rickshaws
source: Motrike Rickshaws

3.5 Budget

In addition, consider how much you have before buying any special needs trike. As much as possible, there should be a balance between the features and quality you need and the cost (i.e. what you can afford).

The manufacturer you go for will determine the cost attached to the tricycle they produce. At Motrike, our tricycles are affordable without compromising quality.

Sometimes, it is better to delay the purchase till you have more money to purchase a quality product, rather than buy a short-term product that leads to high maintenance and sometimes, a new purchase.

3.6 Brand

Finally, the brand you will go for has to be reputable in producing quality products that are affordable. Do you know that some brands only have a good online presence, and sometimes you cannot trust what is being said about them online? 

Sometimes the best way to know how a brand is doing is to reach out to current users of their products whether in your neighborhood or among your connections on social media and ask them about your preferred product.

This kind of feedback helps to make an informed decision about the tricycle to purchase. Check out for a combination of your preferred features and cost. At Motrike, you will get value for your money.

4. Types of Special Needs Tricycles 

This section of this article explores the various types of special needs tricycles, in Motrike and other companies. These different types provide a list of various adaptive features that makes the lives of whoever decides to purchase them better. 

4.1 Recumbent Tricycles

Motrike offers an exceptional range of recumbent trikes that are ideal special needs tricycles for adults, providing numerous advantages for individuals with special needs.

As with most of their products, it is a perfect blend of comfort, stability, and accessibility. Its carefully thought out and manufactured features, all do the job they are meant to do, offering comfort, balance, and support, where and when it matters. 

Motrike’s recumbent trikes are famous for their sturdy construction, ergonomic design, and adaptability, empowering adults with special needs to enjoy outdoor functions confidently.

Recumbent Tricycles
Source: Recumbent Tricycles 

Some of the key features of our recumbent tricycle include:

  • Recumbent seating position to give you enhanced comfort and reduced strain.
  • Low center of gravity to improve your stability and balance.
  • Three-wheel design for added security and maneuverability.
  • Sturdy construction for durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Easy accessibility, facilitating smooth mounting and dismounting.
  • Wide range of customization options, including gear systems and accessories.
  • Designed specifically for special needs adults, providing optimal support and ease of use.
  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship for a reliable and enjoyable riding experience.

4.2 Upright Tricycles

An upright tricycle, also known as an adult tricycle or adult trike, has a comfortable and excellent seating posture, making it perfect for people who want to ride in a more calm and steady manner. 

They often have a robust frame, broad and comfy seats, and an easy-to-mount and dismount design. These tricycles are best suited for individuals of all ages, particularly those who have balance challenges, mobility limitations, or who simply like leisurely rides about the neighborhood or doing errands.

Upright Tricycle
Upright Tricycle

4.3 Folding Tricycles

Also, Motrike offers folding tricycles that include a variety of characteristics that make them excellent special needs tricycles. The advantage of a folding tricycle is its ability to be easily compacted and stored in a smaller space, making it convenient for transportation and storage purposes. 

The trikes include a folding and suspension mechanism for simple transit and minimal storage space. They give the necessary support and stability for anyone with special requirements due to their solid structure and dependable performance.

Because of Motrike’s dedication to quality and attention to detail, its trikes are a dependable and practical option for any adult with special requirements.

Extremely Folding Recumbent Trike
source: Extremely Folding Recumbent Trike

Our Motrike special needs tricycle has the following features: 

  • A foldable design that makes it easy to store and carry.
  • A suspension system for a smooth and pleasant ride; and an adjustable seat and handlebars to fit different body shapes.
  • A strong build for stability and longevity.
  • Visibility enhancement elements such as reflectors and lights.
  • Additional convenience is provided by optional attachments such as baskets and storage sections.
  • Suitable for a variety of terrains, providing adaptability in outdoor activities.

4.4 Tandem Tricycles

A “tandem” tricycle is a type of three-wheeled bicycle designed to be ridden by two people in a linear arrangement, one behind the other.

It offers several advantages over other tricycle models, including improved maneuverability and stability due to its longer wheelbase, efficient pedaling coordination between riders, enhanced visibility for the rear rider, and better weight distribution for balanced handling and control. 

The tandem tricycle is a robust, three-wheeled vehicle designed for efficient business transportation. Its features include sturdy construction, ample cargo capacity, and comfortable seating for two riders.

With superior stability and maneuverability, it offers a reliable solution for commercial operations, promoting productivity and enhancing the delivery experience.

Electric Tandem Recumbent Trike
source:  Electric Tandem Recumbent Trike

Key features of our Motrike’s electric tandem recumbent trike include:

  • An electric-assist system makes pedaling effortless even over an extended range.
  • A tandem recumbent design gives you enhanced stability and balance when riding. 
  • Adjustable seats and handlebars for personalized comfort and positioning.
  • Ample storage capacity for carrying personal belongings or equipment.
  • Safety features, including lights and reflectors, for enhanced visibility.
  • An ergonomic design to reduce strain and provide optimal support.
  • Durable construction to withstand rigorous use and ensure long-lasting performance.
  • A wide range of customization options, including color choices and accessories.
  • A low step-through frame design for easy mounting and dismounting.
  • User-friendly controls and intuitive operation for a hassle-free riding experience.

5. Steps to Customize Special Needs Trikes

A specially designed special needs tricycle may give you a new sense of freedom and independence. This section will walk you through the process of customizing a special needs tricycle to fit your individual needs and preferences. 

5.1 Understand the Needs of the User

The first step in creating a special needs trike as a healthcare expert is to understand the user’s specific needs. This involves analyzing their physical ability, degree of comfort, and unique needs or preferences.

As a consultant, you will find it simpler to pick the ideal frame size, components, and extras to offer a safe and pleasurable riding experience.

5.2 Consult Healthcare Professionals

When creating special needs tricycles, it is critical to consult with healthcare specialists. They can give useful information about the rider’s physical talents and limits. They might also propose particular adjustments or alterations to the trike.

Adjusting the seat, pedals, or handlebars is an example of this. They can also install specific supports or equipment to make the trip safer and more enjoyable. 

A special needs tricycle for adult
A special needs tricycle for adult

5.3 Contact the Manufacture of Special Need Trikes

Before you can finalize on your design of a customized tricycle, you should reach out to manufacturers based on their expertise and experience, they can give you helpful advice and recommendations.

They can help you choose the right frame and components, as well as provide modification choices to personalize the tricycle to your individual needs and tastes. 

6. Motrike Helps Customize Special Needs Tricycle for Adults 

Motrike is a major producer of special needs tricycles; we provide tailored services to assist persons with physical limitations in having a pleasant riding experience. Let us now discuss how we may meet your requirement for a dependable and unique tricycle solution.

6.1 Customized Service

Motrike provides a variety of tailored services to guarantee that special needs tricycles meet the demands of our users. Our skilled staff provides individualized assistance and recommendations to achieve the best match. 

We provide choices for customization like changeable seats, handlebars, pedals, and unique frame designs.

motrike logo

6.2 Worry-Free Warranty

With Motrike’ s 10 years warranty for the frame, 2 years for the bike’s motor, and 1 year for its battery warranty options, you can trust that you are in good hands.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond our customized services. As an added feature, we offer a worry-free warranty for any special needs tricycle from us.

Our warranty policy showcases our dedication to providing top-quality products and services. In addition, our dedication is backed up by reliable and efficient customer support.

6.3 Fast Delivery

At Motrike, we understand that time is important when delivering special needs tricycles to our clients. This is why we employ fast delivery and logistic options to make sure that customers get their tricycles fast. Our logistics team works round the clock to ensure that they ship all orders as quickly as possible. 


Special needs tricycles indeed provide many benefits to those with physical disabilities. It offers a safe and stable mode of transportation, promotes physical exercise, and improves overall confidence and self-esteem. Motrike stands out as a trusted and reliable choice among its competitors and has continually proven so over the years. 

The company emphasizes quality, customization features, and safety. Motrike tricycles offer a dependable and personalized experience. As an investor, putting your funds in a Motrike special needs tricycle ensures that your end users can enjoy the many benefits of cycling while overcoming physical challenges and achieving mobility goals.

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