Tricycle and Quadricycle Manufacturer

Motrike, a manufacturer in China, specializes in a full range of products with electric system, including recumbent trikes and quadricycles, cargo trikes, rickshaws, and surrey.

Why Motrike

  • Products of Quality

    Combining with leading manufacturing techniques, Motrike uses quality materials and advanced components from featured brands to manufacture every trike and quadricycle.

  • Optimum Service

    A ten-year warranty on all the frames of our products plus the comprehensive customization service that brings your ideas to reality.

  • Small Runs Welcome

    You may order in-stock products starting from 1 pc to reduce your stocking pressure and accelerate your turnaround.

    Our Products

    • Recumbent Tricycles
    • Cargo Trikes
    • Cargo Trikes
    • Recumbent Quadricycles
    • Recumbent Quadricycles
    • recumbent tricycles
      Recumbent Trikes

      Motrike manufactures recumbent trikes at entry level and in TrikExplor® series. The advantages of Motrike's recumbent tricycles include:

      • Suitable for all kinds of applications.
      • E-assist system available. All users can enjoy the fun of riding.
      • Customization services are provided to meet more specific needs.
    • cargo trikes
      Cargo Trikes

      Motrike provides you with cargo trikes in three major types (family cargo trikes, truck trikes and vending trikes) to meet your customers' needs on carrying persons or transporting goods.

      Our cargo trikes built with robust components and selective materials can transport heavy loads with the optional electric system and well protect the goods and people.

    • rickshaws

      Our rickshaws, including pedicabs and velotaxis, with innovative design and large surface help catch the passengers' attention and bring you great profits from advertising.

      Our eco-friendly products with e-assist also help reduce emissions and protect the environment. .

    • recumbent quadricycles
      Recumbent Quadricycles

      Motrike's recumbent quadricycles with steering limiting devices are more stable during riding. Besides, you can also enjoy the following benefits: Also, users can ride smoothly on every road with the assistance of the electric motor.

      With all the advantages, our modular design on recumbent quadricycles also reduces the occupying areas and thus increases your turnaround rate.

    • rickshaws
      Surrey Bikes

      You can offer both pedal-driven surrey bikes and electric Surrey to your customers.

      Motrike's surreys, with its reinforced frames and selected materials, provide your customers with a great bearing capacity and require low maintenance. Also, special wheel arrangements help your customers ride with better visibility and less efforts.

    Your Benefits

    • Improved ROI

      Your profit margins increase with our wholesale factory prices.

    • Long-time Warranty

      We offer you a ten-year warranty on our frames.

    • Overseas Support

      Our warehouses in the EU and the US help facilitate your orders.

    • More flexibility on Stocks

      We provide you with a low MOQ to welcome small runs and reduce your turnaround time.

    • Fast Delivery

      In-stock products are shipped to you within 7 days.

    Wanna Find the Tricycles and Quadricycles that Suit Your Business Best?

    Contact Us

    Tailored to Your Business Needs

    Create the trikes and quadricycles that suit your needs best: all you need is the follwing 3 steps.

    • 1

      You will first let us know your requirements and receive feasible advice from us for your reference.
    • 2

      After you accept the price quoted, our professional engineers will send you the design drawing and suggest you the best modification.
    • 3

      Once you confirm the sampe, your products are ready to come to life in mass manufacturing.

    From Details to the Big Parts, We Got You Coverd

    Just name the aspect you would like to customize, and let us finish the rest of the work.

    • custom trike's components in various colors
      Designate Colors
    • custom accessories of recumbent trikes
      Select Accessories
    • custom components and parts of trikes
      Choose Components
    • custom trikes
      Customize Particular Parts

    Manufacture with Excellent Techs & Parts

    Motrike presents the great performing products for you with no quality compromised.

    • designing new models of trikes and quadricycles



      Our team develops functions based on the market research to ensure our products are welcome.

    • engineer of Motrike testing models

      3D Model Testing

      3D Model Testing

      By testing, we can promise that our models are feasible in the computational calculation.

    • milling trikes' parts



      Motike's workers use milling machien to cut parts and make them precise as required.

    • welding the parts of quadricycles



      Our skilled welders fuse parts perfectly and render sleek appearance on products by using TIG welding.

    • heat treatment

      Heat Treatment

      Heat Treatment

      The parts receive the T4, T5 and T6 heat treatment to achieve higher hardness and corrosion resistance.

    • coating tricycles



      Motrike's products are prevented from wearing out and oxidization with durable and anodized coating.

    • Assembly & Adjustment

      Assembly & Adjustment

      Our engineers adjust the precision of the frames while assembling the parts.

    • packaging Motrike trikes



      The multiple-layer packaging protects our products from collision during shipping.

    Our Powerfully Integrated Supply Chain

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    See How They Review

    Our Products and Services

    Tony 1

    Tony Galante, Germany

    All is well with the surrey. We have rented multiple times per day. Every day since it arrived. It still looks beautiful and we think it will continue to be a positive part of our fleet. We are in the process of evaluating our needs for next summer.


    Domantas, Spain

    I have got these bikes and they are really nice! Good quality and thank you for extra parts! Realy nice to make business with you. Thank you again for taking care!

    Liam Kim

    Liam Kim, Korea

    The product received well. The product is very strong and good,Consumers are very satisfied and we are very satisfied. I will order frequently from now on. Thanks

    Hayley LeGassick

    Hayley LeGassick, Australia

    My partner and I purchased 20 trikes from this company. We did many hours of research before buying. Motrike helped us every step of the way with our purchase, we strongly recommend this company and the staff to all our family and friends!

    Jen Yen Chen

    Jen-Yen Chen, United States

    Overall speaking, this sample is a very satisfying recumbent especially when you use the electric power mode!! The CTS tires perform very well, smooth and good traction. I hope there is front suspension part for upgrading, then Mo-trike will be even greater!!!! We will have bulk order soon from Motrike!

    Jean pierre lecocq

    Jean-pierre lecocq, France

    We love our trike bike, they’re very cool! The best combination of classic comfort and long trip performance! The important thing is the price they give to the distributor is competitive, we have profit margins for retails!

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