TrikExplor – Part Ⅲ: 100 Mile Ride Report of M320 from Trikexplor


I am not a fan of direct steering, but it is a necessary feature of the M320’s folding design. Fortunately, it works very well. The steering tends towards self-centering with little or no pedal induced effect. While the handlebars require more firm input than my indirect steering trikes, the M320 maneuvers easily around potholes and road debris glide through tight corners, and complete u-turns competently. In other words, it is a fun, confidence-inspiring ride.

The Shimano hydraulic brakes are great stoppers and quiet. The drivetrain runs quietly, too, even with three chain tubes.

Conclusion: If you want a trike that easily folds into a truly small package, the M320 is an excellent choice.

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