What Else Does TrikExplor Do?


TrikExplor is not only recumbent builder, we are cyclists ourselves also.

We have logged tens of thousands of miles racing, touring, trail riding, commuting, and day-tripping on our trikes and quads.

Here are some test logs

Our engineer has 3,000 km traveling on the trike (326E).

Fat trike (F326E) drift on sand and mountain road.

Tramp over the Qinling mountain range on quad (420E), 6 days 600 km.

Fat quad (F420E) crosses the open pit.

Teacher Li frequently travels 38 km between home and school every day.

Challenge rugged 10 km riverbed, open pit, forest, and snow mountain by 4×4 quad (F426E)

725 km traveling from Fushun to Tianjin.

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