Why Foldable Trike Is A Better Solution for Long-distance Traveling?


The main advantage is that folding bikes are extremely portable because you can fold them and carry them into buses, trains, planes, etc. without any hiccups.

Now let’s see TrikExplor rider that how to talk about M320 folding trike.

We will be traveling to Europe next summer. Last time we took our recumbent trike and had some trouble traveling on trains. There was one line where we had 55 seconds from the time the train stopped until it took off again. It took us almost 3 minutes to get our trikes on the train and got royally chewed out.

Some trains don’t have bikes or trikes, but folding bikes are allowed. Some commuter trains don’t allow bikes during rush hour, so let’s not talk about them.

Are there any other true, quick-folding recumbents available? I searched a lot on the internet with this question. Trikexplor extremely folding recumbent trike M320 catch my eyes when I first saw their video on Youtube. It has so small folding size and there even two small wheels for easy carry when folding. I also saw their video to explain how to fold and unfold the trike.

After several emails with the stuff of Trikexplor, I know more about the function and design concept of the folding trike. I love it so much and I will definitely get one before my next trip.

Did you try folding bike or trike for long-distance trip?

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