Why Would You Buy A Recumbent Trike


This is a cyclist wrote on a bike forum:

I like riding uprights a lot more. The best thing about recumbents to me is that it allows some people to ride a bike who is not able to ride an upright. I ride brevets and most of the recumbent riders I meet on those rides had ridden uprights for years but for one reason or another, bad back, neck wrists, etc. couldn’t do long rides on an upright anymore, so they got a recumbent and are still out there riding. Just a couple weeks ago, I met a guy on a 600k who had been an ultradistance upright rider for years and switched to the recumbent because his back was starting to bother him on long rides.

Yes! Most of people prefer recumbent because the pain on the back, leg or can’t ride upright bike any more.

Nowadays, recumbent riding is even recommended by doctors frequently, it is helpful for curing illness. Someone has a degenerative condition or balance problem after injury or illness, going out with a recumbent trike for exercise to maintain fitness will be their eager.

However, also someone put his upright bike aside after trying the recumbent.

The recumbent trike is not only friendly for old riders, disabled people but also for young riders.

Now there are some fat tire recumbent trike for off-roading. TrikExplor developed a 4WD recumbent quad cycle for extremely off-roading. So now here are many brands of recumbent trikes and for different purposes and groups.

Let’s see the top reasons to choose a recumbent trike

  • Excellent stability

Three wheels on the grounds will ensure excellent stability for the riding even if rugged terrains.

  • No Balancing Required

If you have a balance problem, the trike will eliminate your worry.

  • Easy to Ride

The recumbent trike can be steered with ease and has a tight turning circle. Because of the low seat, it is easy to get off and on the trike.

  • Assist Motors

Electric pedal assistance will help to save energy and make young riders love to ride.

  • Comfortable

Get exercise in a comfortable position! And there’s no need to dismount or place a foot down on the ground when you slow down or have a rest. What’s more, you can have a seat to rest, sleep, or talk no matter wherever you go.

Motrike has a mature recumbent cycles lineup for different purposes. We will recommend several models for you.


  • Cheap! $1,499 with express shipping to your door.
  • Feature-rich with folding, suspension, adjustable seat, fenders, rear rack, headrest, rear mirrors


Cheap! $1599 with express shipping to your door.


All-terrain 4WD electric recumbent quad is ready to help you find new adventures and explore your world, whether you are exploring in the mountains or near the sea or anywhere


Enjoy excellent stability and extra traction from 4 wheels when climbing.

With recumbent trike, getting disabled people, olds and kids outside have never been easier. More people can reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on the planet!

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