Will You Use A Toe Clips That Sit Your Foot Into and Strap It When You Ride A Recumbent?


When you ride off-road trikes or quads, you may found that your feet often slip off from the pedals every time riding on the rough roads. What’s more, your toes start to ache and go numb after a little bit of pedaling.

Actually, toe clips will help a lot. Use pedals that have an angled strap that goes across the top of your foot. You point your toe in to slide your foot in the strap, then straighten your foot on the pedal, and the strap locks your foot in place. You will find your feet never come off the Pedals even several hundred miles riding.

By the way, TrikExplor always recommends the customer wear bike shoes when cycling, a pair of bike shoes with locks are good for your feet and your safety riding.

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