How to Start Mobile Bar Business in 2023


If you are thinking of how to start a bartending business in 2023, a mobile bar business might just be the best way. Mobile bar business brings bar business closer to the target market at a low cost. It is cheaper and does not require a high start-up cost like the traditional bar. 

In case you are confused about how to start a mobile bartending business this blog will help you launch into the mobile bartending business. We will discuss the advantages of mobile bars over traditional bars, how to start a mobile bar business, as well as getting the right trikes from Motrike.

A mobile bar

Advantages of Mobile Bar Business Comparing with the Traditional Bars

The main advantage of a mobile bar business is that it is mobile, you can carry the business anywhere you want. While a traditional bar has to wait for its customers, a mobile bar takes you closer to them. Also, it has a low start-up cost and does not require daily expenses for maintenance.

Increased Market Reach

Getting customers to buy your products is one of the major challenges of business owners. Being mobile will help to solve this challenge because you can reach your targeted audience easily.

By being mobile, you can take your bar to different events, festivals, and private gatherings, allowing you to tap into new customer segments and expand your reach beyond a specific neighborhood or city.

This way, you reach more people without waiting for them to come after the day’s work like the traditional bar.

Low Startup Costs

Start-up costs can be a lot in traditional bars. The cost of renting a bar or even building a new one can take a lot from the budget. It can be between a few dollars to thousands of dollars or even more depending on the location.

With a mobile bar, rent will only take a minor chunk of your budget. Instead of paying a lot to secure a suitable space for the traditional bar, you’ll only need to spend less to buy the automobile to use. And hire a mobile bartender for the smooth running of your business.

Reduced Daily Maintenance Expenses

It takes a lot of hard work and finance to maintain a traditional bar every day for it to continue running smoothly. One needs to make the premises clean at all times and provide welcoming sounds and a serene ambiance to keep the customers coming back.

With a mobile bar, the cost of daily maintenance will be reduced significantly. 

This is not to say mobile bars do not need maintenance. They should be cleaned daily, with the parts checked daily to prevent wear and tear. Other than that, mobile bars do not require costly day-to-day maintenance.

How to Start a Mobile Bar Business Step by Step

Starting a mobile bar business has a similar process to starting a mobile coffee shop. As with every business, adequate planning has to be in place before you can start a profitable mobile bar business.

Conduct Market Research and Make a Plan

Conducting market research is one of the first things to do after conceiving the idea of a mobile bartending business at heart. It is important to note down your objectives, what you aim to achieve, and how you think you can do it, and set realistic goals while planning.

In your market research, do the following:

Identify the Target Audience – Determine the right people that will patronize the mobile bartending business before you hit the market.

Identify the Best Location – This will be the region where the target audience is densely populated.

Analyze Your Competitors – Market research will also help to see how the competitors are doing and help to plan a better way to stand out.

After the research, it will become easier to plan in the right direction, and make informed and profitable decisions.

Planning for a new business

Purchase Supplies

After working on the initial planning and deciding how the mobile bar business will be operated, the next step is getting the cargo trikes and every other supply needed for smooth operation. This stage will require a lot of capital, but not as much as a traditional bar. 

Motrike beer bikes are suitable for use as mobile bars. The beer bike particularly can sit up to 12 people, and be used for birthdays, bachelor parties, and different fun activities. 

It is important to consider factors such as mobility, storage capacity, and customization options when choosing a mobile bar solution from Motrike. So it’s also advisable to purchase a delivery cargo trike to store items necessary to run a beer stand.

Licensing and Legal Requirements

The legal requirements and licensing to start a mobile bar business differ from place to place. You cannot run a mobile bartending business without having the right licenses and meeting all the legal conditions laid down by the government.

In fact, in some places running an unregistered bar business is illegal and punishable by law.

Register with the appropriate bodies and meet all the legal requirements where your business is located for a smooth running business.

Develop Promotion and Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies and promotional offers can be drawn from the market research conducted. After conducting market research, the data obtained can be analyzed to decide on the strategies to use in promoting the business.

Developing proper promotion and marketing strategies will help to introduce the new business to the ‘to-be’ customers. It will also create brand awareness amongst the general public while attracting potential customers.

Personnel Training and Daily Operations

After determining the staffing requirement of the mobile bar, it’s time to hire. Recruitments can be conducted to hire qualified bartenders. With the right job description and interviews, qualified and experienced mobile bartenders can be hired.

Seminars, workshops, and adequate training should be organized to keep the new hires up to speed with the business and their approach to work.

Get Reliable Bartending Trikes from Motrike

One of the best places to get a reliable trike for mobile bar business is from Motrike. Our cargo trikes are very reliable and suitable for bartending business.

We have different options available to fit every client’s needs. If that is not enough we offer customization services that produce reliable mobile bikes that are suitable for every brand. 

Provide Customizable Food Vending Solutions 

Motrike offers customizable food vending solutions for all products. We offer products of unique appearance and add special functions to our products to tailor them to suit your business. Mobile bar brands can make use of our beer bikes and customize them to suit their needs and aesthetic requirements.

Alternatively, you can choose from our list of available food vending solutions: Motrike Ice cream bikes, Motrike Trade bikes, Motrike coffee bikes, Motrike cargo delivery trikes, Luxury cargo trikes, and Velo cargo trikes. We can customize these products to meet any bartending business need.

Worry-Free Warranty

To save all clients from the worries of getting products that won’t function well, we have up to a 10 years warranty in place to cover our products. You can be sure of a 2 years warranty for the motor, and 1 year warranty for the battery.

Also, we provide accessories replacement services to help replace worn-out or damaged accessories.

Be sure to contact our customer representatives to find out what our warranty policies are and what they cover.


The mobile bar business is worth trying out. But it is not enough to launch in the market to sell booze. Adequate preparations have to be made to be a leading mobile bartender.

If plans are not made, the business might fail to compete with other brands that are already in existence. Also, proper licenses should be in place in line with the legal requirements of the business location.

It is not enough to learn how to start a mobile bartending business. Motrike offers the best bikes and bike accessories that are customizable to make your mobile bar business stand out.

You can also add an e-assist system to your bartending trikes for further enjoyment. Contact us today to get the best bikes for your business.

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