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Model 320

means the trike has three 20” wheels. Small wheels decide its short wheelbase and compact structure. This trike is very suitable for the riders whose height between 165cm and 178cm.

With the rear suspension, it is comfortable when riding. The small inclined angle of the seat makes it easy to get on and off. It is more suitable for fat or old riders. It is an excellent choice for people who are not aware of the speed.

Children can also ride this model

Model 326

has low chassis and large reclined angle of the seat. It is more suitable for racing and long-distance travel for its fast speed. It is not entirely designed for racing.

We are going to launch a racing version with high configuration wheels, tiltable structure. The trafficability characteristic is good for its low chassis and narrower wheel-base, which can better realize the feeling of the nap of the earth flight. Please wait with expectation.

Full size 326

Full size 326 Compared with 326, the full size 326 chassis will be higher. The trike height is almost same with 320. With a good matching degree, 26 inches tires can avoid taking many spare tires when long-distance traveling. High chassis height and big wheels make the trike stable. We plan to design this trike for pure long-distance travel. All configuration will be suitable for traveling. But we need to consider market acceptance.

Model F326

Even though snow tires won’t have a particular driving effect, F326 has cool color and individual character.

Standard wheelset and fat wheelset can exchange freely to fit the needs of the situation and personalization. F326 fat tire wheelset is the best choice when short distance driving or driving with the team. It is eye-catching in the team. However, the standard road tire wheelset will be a better choice for long-distance travel.

Model 420

is an entry-level recumbent quad. Human or electric assist can power it. I recommend electric assistant power. The transmission system is slightly more complicated. More resistance than recumbent trike in many aspects, But it will be light after a period of running. There is ample storage space behind the quad to take pets and more equipment when long-distance travel. Two batteries can last about 150km.

The 426 features large 26inch wheels, high chassis height, stability, trafficability characteristic, and a comfortable seat; it can be driven on a bumpy road.

Model F420E

The design style of F420 benefits from SUV elements. No matter from design, decoration, function, or trafficability characteristic, the fetal positioning of F326 and F420 is publicized individuality.

By decorating on all aspects, the quad will have significant changes. Such as adding windshield (bumper used for reference Wrangler elements). Front double lights play a crucial role. In my opinion, recumbent quads have spirits instead of just quads. It looks like a pair of big eyes when the lights turned on. It seems the quad has a soul.


Model F426E

emphasizes the ability of country cross and hill climbing. Like SUV, the 420 is suitable for city riding but not cross country: the F426 is best suited for the latter. For the true lover and true fancier for adventure or country crossing, I recommend F426E.

This quad can drive on snowfields, muddy roads, and sandy beaches freely due to its excellent grip ability. The explosive force and trafficability characteristic will be enhanced dramatically if powered by electricity. If you are a real lover of SUV, you should consider TrikExplor F426E. F426E 4×4 can give you the feel of SUV.

4WD Transmission system

Model H420E

High seat H420E is aimed at city riding and local leisure travel. Considering the safety factor, the incline angle of the seat is small. Riders can have an unobstructed view when riding in the city street. H420E features a luxurious, aristocratic atmosphere.

The configurations are also efficient. Such as the package, the front bag can be put in front of the quad to load tools and vehicle liquid, and the back bag loads some luggage (computer, camera). The side bag can load some foods and drinks. Safety factors should be considered firstly in city riding. The front windshield and the hard-shell bag behind can hold some safety protection. The function of puncture and anti-collision is good.

City street

The advantages of modular

The modular concept is good news to European and American riders who like DIY.

For example, Americans have a strong hands-on and equipment processing ability. The entire body of the transformers series can be changed into many models to meet personalized needs. Not only can users develop a structure based on our existing models, but they can build their own beams, rear forks, and other suspension structures to meet the needs of their DIY. The trike can be equipped with a variety of things they want. The recumbent trike is wholly defined as an unlimited type. It is particularly suitable for those who have the idea of DIY.

Like the Wrangler, it can be arbitrarily modified even finally only left a frame. Transformers can achieve this function. The ordinary riders can modify parts to change the trike. The riders who have strong had on ability can do some relatively complex or technical content modification, which significantly increases the fun of riding.

Based on our trike models you can create a suitable style trike by changing some structure to take part in major international trike clubs.

TrikExplor works hard to achieve your satisfaction. We welcome your comments and suggestions to improve and enrich our models.

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