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Tricycles, also known as trikes, are three wheel bikes that have been around for over a century. They are commonly used by children for play and transportation, but there are also tricycles designed for adults. While most tricycles have a similar structure, they come in a variety of types that are tailored to different needs and purposes.

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In this article, consumers will explore the seven types of tricycles, each type of tricycle offers unique features and benefits. Understanding the different types of tricycles available can help consumers make an informed decision on choosing the right one. 

What is a Tricycle

Thinking about what is a tricycle, well these are three-wheeled vehicles that are designed to be operated by a rider sitting on a saddle or seat. It typically has two wheels in the back and one in the front, with pedals that allow the rider to generate power and move the vehicle forward.

Tricycles are commonly used by children for play and transportation, but there are also tricycles designed for adults and people with disabilities.

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Adult tricycles, on the other hand, are generally larger and more robust than children’s tricycles. They are often used as a practical mode of transportation for commuting or running errands and are designed with features like baskets or cargo racks to make them more functional.

Some adult tricycles are even electrically powered, making them ideal for long distances or for people with mobility challenges. Overall, trike bikes are a versatile and fun mode of transportation that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.

Types of Trike: Recumbent Trike – For Off-Road Use

Recumbent trikes are three-wheeled recumbent bikes designed specifically for off-road use. Unlike traditional upright bicycles, recumbent trikes provide the rider with a reclined position, placing the cyclist lower to the ground and closer to the pedals. This position distributes the weight of the rider more evenly across the bike and can make it easier to navigate off-road terrain.

Recumbent trikes also offer improved aerodynamics, making them better suited for longer rides. Off-road recumbent trikes are typically made from aluminum or steel frames and have wider pneumatic tires for navigation built into the frame for extra comfort. Most recumbent tricycles come equipped with front or rear derailleurs, which allow riders to shift gears easily when cycling uphill or downhill.

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Additionally, many modern three-wheel recumbent bike feature pedal-assist electric motors for powering up steep inclines, making them great alternatives to regular bicycles for off-road riders.

Types of Trike: Cargo Trike – For Transportation

The cargo trike is a type of tricycle designed for transportation use. It is often used by businesses or individuals to transport materials, equipment, or products from one location to another. Tricycle cargo typically has an enclosed cargo area with multiple compartments which allow the rider to efficiently organize and transport their goods.

Cargo Delivery Trike
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Cargo trike bikes are a great way to transport materials, especially for those who do not own a car or truck. They are generally safer than conventional bikes since they are wider and more stable, making them less likely to tip over when carrying heavy loads. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly since they require no petrol or fuel to operate.

Types of Trike: Rickshaw Trikes – For Local Public Transport

Rickshaw trikes are common bicycles with three wheels used for local public transport. These vehicles, also known as trishaws, pedicabs, or velotaxis, are usually pulled by a single operator, who stands on the back of the vehicle and pedals the two rear wheels, it also has an electric system. This is an ideal form of low-cost transportation in cities where motorized vehicles are not allowed due to their size or the nature of the terrain.

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The design of the rickshaw trike is simple yet functional. Typically, the seating area is elevated above the ground, providing riders with a good view. The drivers use pedals to power their vehicle and have a steering wheel to control it. Rickshaw trikes are known for their durability and reliability in even the toughest conditions.

Types of Trike: Front-Load Cargo Bike Trike – For Family Leisure

Are you tired of juggling groceries, kids, and a bike at the same time? Have you been looking for a way to make family outings more fun? Take a look at the front-load cargo bike trike.

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Biking with children and cargo can be difficult. Traditional bikes and cargo carriers can be unsteady and difficult to control. With the rise of cargo bikes, however, families are discovering a new way to transport their belongings and loved ones. Because of its stability and ease of use, the front-load cargo bike trike is a popular choice.

Types of Trike: Upright Trikes – For Recreational Cycling

Upright trikes are a great option for recreational cycling, providing the rider with comfort and stability. These trikes offer an upright seating position, with the pedals located directly below the rider’s center of gravity. This allows for a more relaxed riding style that is similar to riding a regular bike but is much easier on the back and joints.

These trike bikes have a range of features designed to make them suitable for leisurely cycling trips, such as step-through frames that offer easy mounting and dismounting, adjustable handlebar height, adjustable seat positions, and multiple gearing options. Upright trikes come in many different styles, making it easier for riders to find the one that best suits their needs.

Types of Trike: Drift Trikes – For Wild Drifting

With extra wide rear wheels, lower frame, and specially constructed tires, drift trikes offer a unique experience for riders of all ages looking to have an adrenaline-inducing ride. These trike bikes typically feature an axle that is supported by a gusseted steel frame and is built to drift around tight corners. 

A drift trike model

The extra-wide wheels give the rider more control when going around sharp turns and allow for speedy drifts over long distances. Unlike ordinary tires, drift trike tires are often made with added grooves or treads that help provide better traction and stability when drifting around corners.

Types of Trike: Hand and Foot Trikes – For the Disabled

Hand and foot trikes are bicycles with 3 wheels designed specifically for people with disabilities. The majority of hand and foot Trikes are pedal-powered and use energy-efficient motors instead of pedals. The innovative designs incorporated into these trikes have made them especially popular with those who have difficulty using traditional bikes due to physical limitations.

The most advanced bicycle with three wheels comes with a variety of features, including rear-wheel drive motors, joystick controls, adjustable handlebars, adjustable seating, foot straps, headrests, cup holders, and even storage compartments for any additional equipment or supplies needed during a ride.

Types of Trike: Tandem Tricycle – For Multiplayer Riding

A tandem tricycle, also known as a two-seater tricycle, is one of the types of tricycle that are designed for two people to ride simultaneously. Tandem tricycles give riders the opportunity to physically work together, allowing the riders to coordinate their pedaling and steering efforts so that they can achieve maximum efficiency when riding. 

Additionally, these three-wheel bike tandem are often equipped with dual suspension frames and wide handlebars to provide increased safety and stability while on the road.

The seating arrangement of tandem tricycles typically consists of two or three seats that are placed behind each other in line. Both riders have their own independent pedaling systems so that each one can pedal at their own pace without affecting the performance of the other.

Three Things to Consider When Choosing a Tricycle

Now consumers know what is tricycle, there are also considerations before buying one. Tricycles are a fun and practical mode of transportation for people of all ages, but with so many types and models available, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. 

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Decide for What Purpose and Choose a Type of Tricycle

The first thing to consider is the purpose for which different consumers will be using the tricycle. Are they looking for a children’s tricycle for your little one to ride around the neighborhood or an adult tricycle like a cargo trike for running errands? Perhaps consumers have mobility challenges and require a specialized tricycle. Once they have determined the purpose, they choose the appropriate types of tricycles.

Learn About the Models and Parameters

When choosing a tricycle, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different models and parameters available. Knowing these features like how many wheels a tricycle has, its wheel size, frame material, and gear ratios. Consider the weight and size of the tricycle, as well as the maximum weight capacity and any additional features like storage or suspension.

Search for Reviews by Other Users

When searching for reviews by other users, consumers should prioritize finding information from people who have purchased and used the tricycle consumers are considering. These reviews can be found on various websites, such as the manufacturer’s website, online marketplaces, and forums. When reading reviews, it is important to look for ones that provide details about the tricycle’s performance, comfort, and durability.

Motrike: Deeply Engaged in the Tricycle Industry for 15+ Years!

Founded in 2003, Motrike has become a leading quadricycle and tricycle​​ manufacturer, with a dedication to providing elevated products and exceptional customer service.

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Motrike’s commitment to the tricycle industry is reflected in its wide range of products, which includes 3 wheeled recumbent bikes, cargo tricycles, and rickshaw trikes. Each product is carefully designed and manufactured using the latest technology and materials to ensure optimal performance, safety, and durability. 

In addition to its impressive product line, Motrike has also built a reputation for exceptional customer service. Their team of experts is always on hand to provide guidance and support to customers, whether they are purchasing a tricycle for personal use or for a commercial venture.

Motrike’s dedication to the tricycle industry has earned them a loyal following of customers and partners around the world. They have warehouses in Europe and the US to facilitate all orders across the globe. They continue to innovate and improve their products and services, with a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility.


Tricycle definition is a fun, practical, and eco-friendly mode of transportation available to people of all ages and abilities. With the right types of tricycles, consumers can enjoy everything from leisurely rides around the neighborhood to thrilling off-road adventures.

Understanding the various types available can help any consumer make an informed decision so they can get the most out of the trike. And with companies like Motrike deeply involved in the tricycle industry for more than 15 years, consumers can be sure that they are getting a quality product that will last for years to come. Visit Motrike’s website today to see the different trikes available.

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