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Cycling doesn’t always have to be 2 wheeled, and without a backrest. Sometimes, a little bit of comfort will make the ride more interesting and entertaining. Recumbent trikes offer a more comfortable way to exercise or tour. It gives the luxury of a backrest and a 3 wheel for balance and stability.

Recumbent trike touring can be adopted as a way of connecting with the environment and sightseeing. It is like a comfortable lawn chair that won’t give you a sore butt or back.

This article will provide an overview of what recumbent trike touring is and the benefits and specifications of a Motrike recumbent touring bike. We will also discuss how to prepare for a recumbent trike tour.

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Why Choose the Recumbent Bike Touring

There are a lot of reasons to choose a recumbent bike for touring. But before choosing a recumbent bike tour, it is important to consider many aspects. There are some tips that will help to make an informed decision on the best recumbent bicycle for touring.

Comfort During Long-Distance Touring

While short-distance touring might be suitable on bikes, long-distance touring needs a lot to be put in place to enjoy the tour. It needs a comfy backrest and leg comfort. Recumbent touring bikes allow the rider’s legs to be extended horizontally, giving more comfort to long-distance rides.

This feature places recumbent bike touring as a preferred choice over other means of touring as it distributes the rider’s weight evenly, reducing discomfort and stiffness in the back, limbs, and arms and allowing the rider to focus on the journey.

Handle Heavy Loads with Ease

Recumbent touring bikes are designed to handle people’s weight. While a two-wheel bike might not be able to support some body weight conveniently, a three-wheeled recumbent trike allows for even distribution of body mass.

In addition, it is suitable for people with a wide range of body weight. 

Some heavy types of equipment like hiking tools or movable tents may be needed during tours. These pieces of equipment need to be transported along to the venue for outdoor enjoyment.

Recumbent touring bike efficiently handles all these heavy loads with ease. It does this by having a low center of gravity which allows riders to carry as many loads as possible without risking the bike and rider safety.

Well-Suited for Various Terrains

As riders go on recumbent bicycle tours, they are likely to meet bumps, potholes, or even ply on lands with gravel terrains. They need touring recumbent bikes that can easily navigate through these obstructions without tipping over or causing an accident. 

A recumbent touring bike is designed for situations like this, it has a wide wheelbase and a wide rear wheel that provides stability on turbulent roads and also offers traction on different terrains. 

Ample Storage Capacity

As recumbent trike riders plan to transport through hundreds of kilometers for hours, they bring along supplies. These supplies can include food, drinks, extra clothing, shoes, or medications.

Recumbent bike touring has enough storage space to allow riders to carry as many belongings as possible during long-distance tours that may last for hours or days. This removes the need to strap on extra baggage that may prevent effective riding during long commutes.

How to Prepare for a Recumbent Trike Tour

Recumbent bicycle tours require proper planning to ensure perfect execution. 

Choose a Suitable Recumbent Trike

Before other plans come into motion, the first plan to execute is choosing a suitable and reliable recumbent trike. As you make your selection, consider your level of riding expertise and choose the appropriate bike. 

Have you been riding for a year or more and can perfect every turn and twist? For intermediate to expert riders, the Electric Tandem Recumbent Trike is perfect.

It has an independent pedaling system and a powerful 500-watt motor that allows you to move as fast as your feet can carry. It is highly durable and comes along with FREE biking accessories. 

For beginner bikers looking to test the waters of recumbent bike touring, the Entry-level Basic Recumbent Trike will provide the needed support to get started. Also, you have to decide if you want the recumbent trike with suspension or rigid.

Plan Your Route

Once you’ve purchased your recumbent touring bike, it’s time to map out where you would be touring. Also, bikers with little experience, choose terrains with little to no obstructions on the road, while experienced bikers can stick to their usual path or seek out new places to ride. 

Carry along your phone and a GPS tracker to ensure you are on track while touring. Also, check the traffic rules and regulations of your choice to ensure touring recumbent bikes are allowed to play on the roads.

Pack Light and Efficiently

Choose important items that are essential for your journey. These items could be your phones, water bottle, sunglasses, and bicycle tool kit. You can also carry a small meal, bicycle lock, navigation tools, and a mini first aid kit. These highlighted items are guaranteed to provide the necessary help in case of emergencies.

Ensure Safety and Visibility

Safety is of paramount importance during recumbent trike touring and thus, bikers should ensure they are safe by being visible. The recumbent touring bike is reclined, limiting your visibility to other commuters or pedestrians on the road.

Hence, ensure you are visible enough to protect yourself from accidents and also prevent others from ramming into you. 

Obey the traffic laws as it reduces your chance of getting into an accident by 75%. During daytime recumbent trike touring, wear brightly colored clothes, alongside fluorescent vests and accessories to make yourself visible to oncoming vehicles.

Install powerful lights at the front and rear ends of the trike for extra visibility at night. 

Practice Riding on Various Terrains

Regardless of your level of expertise, practice before embarking on your journey. Practice on the smooth asphalt roads in the urban cities and get familiar with the rough terrains of the countryside. Also, rise on the undulating roads of the coast to ensure you are firm and ready enough to tour.

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